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Frequently asked questions

Storage - Care - Repair

  • How does one store a GRABNER boat properly?

    Best is to store the boat slightly inflated.
    If there is insufficient space available, the boat may loosely be rolled up – under no circumstances shall the boat be bundled and laced tightly, or something heavy to be loaded on top.

    The boat shall be cleaned thoroughly and dry. The place of storage shall be protected against direct sunshine, extreme fluctuations of temperature and moisture.

  • Can a GRABNER boat be stored in a day room during the winter though exposed to frost temperatures?

    Yes (max. -20 Grade Celsius) – that is not harmful to the boat.

    It should though not be folded or rolled tightly, but rather lose if possible.


  • How often shall the boat be treated with a boat-care product?

    At least once before winterising.
    More often, if heavily used during the season, in particular, after deployed in seawater rinse thoroughly and apply the liquid care agent generously.

  • How can you repair a rubber boat?

    A rubber boat can be repaired easily – the same principle as repairing a bicycle tube.

    For details, refer to Repairs


  • Can I glue fittings to the boat-skin by myself?

    In principle yes – but proceed following instructions in detail!

    Too much or insufficient roughening, too short or too long airing time, too much or too little glue, too little contact pressure can lead to negative bonding results.

    All rather heavily stressed components can be glued at the GRABNER boat factory -> Repairs

    -> Fittings


  • What is the difference between a tube of adhesive and 2 part workshop adhesive with hardener?

    Tube adhesive is suitable for minor repairs and bonding component of little load bearing.

    Workshop adhesive is a mixture to which hardener is added for extra bonding power and heat resistance. It is used for patches and fittings of high load bearing.

  • Can the boat adhesive be applied also, when temperatures are below 0° C ?

    No, that is not possible, because at that temperature the adhesive will crystallise.

    When repairs are to be carried out in subzero temperatures, such should be inside a room with sufficient plus degrees prevalent.
    Ideal room temperature 15 - 25°C.


  • How can I write a name / number on my boat?

    With rubber coating.

    Rubber coating is available in following colors:

    • black
    • red
    • white
  • Is Nirosta absolutely suitable for seawater?

    Even the most valuable Nirosta Chrome – Nickel – Steal can get little flight rust infestation on the welds. You take remedial action by wiping it off and rinse it off with freshwater; afterwards you grease it lightly.

  • Does the GRABNER company repair other brands too?

    Basically yes. See -> repairs

    The material must be of rubber / Hypalon.
    PVC and/or other materials can not be repaired.

  • How long does the repair take when carried out by GRABNER?

    After submission of the boat and inspection, a repair cost estimate will be made by return.

    You can speed up the duration by responding to the offer quickly.

    During the peak of the season delays may be experienced, because many boat owners wait to the last minute. You can avoid delays, by having repairs attended to outside the boating season, that is in late autumn, winter and spring.

    Also see -> Repairs


  • Can the red boat skin easily rub off on clothing?

    Constant rubbing against wet boat-skin can lead to slight staining of  light shade clothing.

    The black or red fabric seat cushions and an underlaid cloth will protect against staining.