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Frequently asked questions


  • How can I write a name / number on my boat?

    With rubber coating

    Rubber coating is available in following colors:

    • black
    • red
    • white
  • Can the “steering device kayak from 2021” also be used on models up to year of manufacture 2020?


    For models up to and including year of manufacture 2020, the “steering device kayak up to 2020” must be used for best steering effect.

    The “steering device kayak from 2021” has the additional feature that the steering blade can be folded onto the stern deck. This feature requires a higher pivot point of the steering blade. In order for the steering blade to dip sufficiently deep into the water with this higher pivot point, all kayak sterns from 2021 are built lower.

    If the new steering device were mounted on models up to 2020 – which have higher sterns – the blade would be less deep in the water and have less steering effect. If it would be mounted lower to the stern, it would not be possible to fold it onto the canopy, because it would hit the higher stern top. If the steering blade would be constructed longer, it would be disproportionately long and would take up a large area of the stern deck when folded up.

    The “steering device kayak to 2020” is therefore ideal for models up to 2020. It dips deep into the water and has the best steering effect on models up to 2020.

  • Can the Torqeedo “Ultralight 1103 AC = 3 HP” be used instead of the “Ultralight 403 AC = 1 HP” on Grabner kayaks and canoes?


    Grabner has tested both motors and noticed:

    The larger “Ultralight 1103 AC” with 9.3 kg engine weight is far too heavy and too large on Grabner kayak and canoe sterns. In comparison, the “Ultralight 403 AC” with 5 kg has almost just half the motor weight and is much smaller. The stronger thrust is not usefully converted into speed, instead it puts enormous load on the material.

    Grabner therefore clearly recommends using the “Ultralight 403 AC” on Grabner kayaks and canoes. Even with this small motor, amazingly fast performance is possible.

    The new Grabner motor mounts are an ideal fit for it