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Boat test, boat purchase, information Boat test, boat purchase, information Boat test, boat purchase, information
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Frequently asked questions

Boat test, boat purchase, information

  • Can I also try out all accessories at GRABNER boat tests?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the large range of accessories and limited transport capacity at boat test events.

    Which boats you can see and try out where you can see at the respective boat tests.

  • When is the best time to purchase a boat?

    Best in the preseason! The many advantages speak for themselves:

    • Enough time for written question - answers
    • Enough time for detailed personal and telephone consultation
    • Enough time to browse, shop, try things out
    • Enough time for factory fittings assembly
    • Enough time for cost-effective repair (without express surcharges)
    • Enough time for spare parts production of older models
    • Mostly all goods are in stock and can be delivered promptly. You get what you want, not a replacement!
    • No extra costs for express deliveries
    • During the high season, many people want everything in the shortest possible time. It is obvious that some things have to come up short.
  • Why is credit card, EPS or prepayment required for a shipping order?

    Because you buy cheaper, because no non-payment risk needs to be calculated into the price. Large shipping companies calculate 3% for non-payment, which all buyers have to pay in the end.

  • Apart from the online pages and the GRABNER catalogue, are there any other documents that provide more information about the desired boat?

    There is no more detailed description than the Grabner online pages and catalogue.

    You can also download or read the instruction manual for each Grabner boat from the Grabner homepage.

    But please do not be frightened, because everything is presented and explained in great detail in an instruction manual.

    One could easily assume that everything is more complicated than it really is!

    It is even more informative than reading long essays to see the desired product in the flesh or even to test it yourself.

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