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GRABNER manufactures the most environmentally friendly & sustainable inflatable boats on the world market.
They differ significantly from other suppliers.

Grabner boats are made from renewable natural rubber certified for sustainable forestry. They are remarkably durable, easy to repair and guarantee the longest lifespan. Furthermore, they can be thermally recycled after a long period of use.

Local production in Germany (boat skin) and Austria (boat production) guarantees short supply routes, the highest environmental standards and fair working conditions.

Raw material natural rubber

The raw material for Grabner boats is not the typical PVC used in inflatable boats, but rather renewable natural rubber. This rubber is harvested from PEFC-certified* forests,  which are sustainably managed.


How is natural rubber harvested?

The so-called latex is harvested from the bark of the rubber tree. The bark is incised, and the latex drips into a cup. This process is repeated every morning, with the incision made slightly lower on the bark each time. After 30 days, the side of the tree trunk is changed, and the process begins again. The bark of the tree regrows within a month. Through this method, latex can be harvested from a single tree throughout the year without causing harm to the tree.

*Certified PEFC/01-00-01 (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) The natural rubber used is sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

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Manufacturing & Features of the Rubber Boat Skin

In compliance with the strict EU REACH environmental standards, the Grabner rubber boat skin is manufactured in Germany by Continental using natural rubber. The use of genuine natural rubber ensures the boat skin's flexibility, durability and high airtightness.

In contrast to materials from other suppliers, the Grabner rubber boat skin is FREE OF PVC and FREE OF HARMFUL PHTHALATE PLASTICIZERS commonly used in soft PVC. (fertility-disrupting, cancer-causing)

Furthermore, the boat skin is FREE FROM CANCER-CREATING PFAS SUBSTANCES such as TEFLON.

This makes Grabner boats particularly environmentally friendly, as they do not release plasticizers into the water and remain flexible even in sub-zero temperatures.


special manufacturing process

Grabner boats are not welded but vulcanized in one piece in an autoclave. This manufacturing process significantly differs from other suppliers who weld boats using PVC or material mixtures containing PVC.

Through the vulcanization process, each Grabner boat acquires its unique characteristics:


Optimum operating pressure, high dimensional stability, excellent driving characteristics

High resistance when hitting rocks

So you don't have to constantly pump your boat up

Saves resources, reduces waste

Benefits for you and the environment

Repair instead of throwing away

In case of damage to the boat skin, a Grabner boat doesn't need to be disposed; it can be easily repaired!

The short lifespan of cheap boats wastes resources. Moreover, such boats are often difficult or impossible to repair and must be disposed of as costly hazardous waste.

Unsurpassed lifespan

For over 48 years, Grabner boats have been manufactured in Austria. The predecessor company Semperit already produced inflatable boats in the 1960s. Even today, you can still see the well-known yellow SEMPERIT FORELLE on bodies of water, some of which are up to 40 years old.

But how is that possible? Thanks to the natural flexibility of natural rubber, the use of harmful phthalate plasticizers, which are present in cheap boats, can be avoided. Such plasticizers leach out of the material over the years, causing the boat to lose its initial flexibility and become brittle.

Not so with a genuine Grabner rubber boat!


Grabner offers a 7-year warranty on the boat skin. This extended warranty period is unique in the boating industry.

Thermally recyclable

At the end of its lifespan, 95% of the primary energy can be recovered through thermal recycling, generating environmentally friendly heat.

recycled cardboard packaging

Grabner boats are packed in uncolored, unprinted, sturdy recycled cardboard boxes. The adhesive tapes are not made of PVC but are also paper-based.

The packing volume constitutes only a fraction of a rigid boat, saving energy during transportation.


The production of the boat skin in Germany and the manufacturing of the boats in Austria ensures that production meets the highest environmental standards, fair working conditions for employees, all taxes and contributions remain in the country and jobs are secured.

Those who want to protect the environment and think sustainably choose a Grabner boat.

An interview with company founder Wolfgang Grabner


The German KANU MAGAZIN has interviewed company founder Wolfgang Grabner about the manufacturer's environmental protection measures.

The interview is available for download in German.

Interview KANU MAGAZIN 8 pages PDF


What advantage do Grabner inflatable boats have over folding boats or dropstitch boats?

A Grabner inflatable boat consists of just one piece and fits into a rucksack. This makes it easy to store at home and easy to transport by car, camper van, train or plane.

It only takes a few minutes to inflate. No comparison with the time-consuming assembly of a folding boat, which consists of many individual parts.

Unlike the flat bottom of drop-stitch or folding boats, Grabner inflatable boats have the advantage of bottom contours. These provide directional stability and cushion intense ground impacts.

We often hear reports of seams opening and the outer coating peeling off the fabric in high temperatures with drop-stitch boats. Such damages are irreparable, requiring the entire boat to be disposed of.

Another advantage is that there is an extensive range of accessories for every Grabner model for every area of use.

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Why do Grabner inflatable boats cost more than cheap boats?

A Grabner inflatable boat is made from the most robust boat skin available, manufactured by Continental in Germany. The inside coating is made of airtight natural rubber, the outside coating of abrasion-resistant car tire rubber.

This is no comparison to boats made of PVC and cheap synthetic materials, which wear out more quickly, become porous and even become soft due to air loss.

When boating involves navigating through rough waters, it's crucial for the boat skin to be highly resistant to damage, abrasion, and, most importantly, airtight.

A big difference between Grabner and cheap boats, apart from safety and driving comfort, is the longest lifespan. A 7-year boat skin and 2-year total warranty are the best proof of the highest quality.

Due to the production in Austria, factory service is quickly possible, we always guarantee you reliable service.

In terms of longevity, safety, and enjoyment of boating, a Grabner boat costs less than short-lived cheap boats. The high resale value is also evidence of this.

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