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Happy Cat Evolution Happy Cat Evolution Happy Cat Evolution

A sensational feeling

Happy Cat Evolution

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Action please!

Action please! The EVOLUTION flies at top speeds on just one hull over inland lakes or coastal waters and offers good positioning and stability even in stronger swells and at winds up to force 5 on the Beaufort scale. It is ideal for two sporty sailors but it also packs plenty of fun and space for families with children and luggage. This medium-sized member of the Grabner HAPPY CAT family combines excellent sailing characteristics with speed and fun. This inflatable cat can be stowed away in just 3 bags and is particularly popular with motorhome enthusiasts.

The boat

Small packed

The entire catamaran can be packed in only 3 bags for transport and storage. Two long bags (185 x 30 x 30 cm) and a packing bag (80 x 45 x 28 cm). Suitable for many cars, roof boxes and mobile homes.

Convex wavepiercing hulls

The ideal hull shape enables you to sail at maximum speed and provides you more buoyancy for additional extra loads and safety. The modern Wavepiercer bow cuts elegantly through the waves and the convex hull bottom reduces water splashing as well as bow and stern resistance. It has been developed and optimised through tank testing and the boat-skin is hand made from tough Grabner car tyre rubber.

From hull to frame

The hull and frame are firmly and stably connected by sleeve inserts, while the special square profile frame provides high torsional stability with no twisting. The trampoline mesh is integrated seamlessly and directly into the profile frame and offers plenty of space for comfortable sitting. A powerful 6 hp-engine can be mounted to the saltwater-resistant anodised aluminium frame to accelerate the inflatable catamaran to a breath taking speed of 25 km/h.

Foredeck for sitting, lying, sunbathing

The crossbar, which is included as standard, stabilises hulls in the bow area, while the optional foredeck expands the usable area and protects against water splashes when sailing at a high speed. The fixed crossbar allows you to add more luggage and sit, lie, sunbathe or even stand on it when getting into the boat.

Optimum centre of pressure

The hydrodynamically optimised shape of the centreboard extends deep into the water to counteract lateral drift in the best possible way. The inclination is infinitely adjustable so that the centre of pressure by can be optimally trimmed on any course. The aluminium centreboard retracts automatically when it touches the ground and it can also be retracted completely during landing.

Rudder with tiller lock

The high-speed rudder is positioned at the far end of the stern for smooth and stable steering. To ensure the best steering control, the sleek, hydrodynamically optimised blade extends deep into the water and triggers automatically when it touches the ground. For instance, when paddling in harbours, the tiller can be locked with the tiller lock, which is included as standard.

Practical mast foot joint

The practical mast foot joint makes it easy to right the mast, which can be righted and lowered by just one person.

Professional rig

Stable and safe

For constantly stable sailing: The profile of the four-part mast is generously dimensioned and equipped with angular connectors to prevent the mast from bending and overstressing the sail. Mast and sail form one unit – the mast rotates with the sail, which is integrated seamlessly and directly into the mast profile to enhance the overall performance.

Double shrouds ensure that the mast bends in an optimal and controlled manner without compromising on safety; the additional forestay allows you to adjust the mast independently from the sails.

Optimum use of wind

Extra performance

Always the best profile:
The fully battened mainsail with a surface area of 8 m², provides the ideal profile for a wide range of wind conditions.

In light wind, the wide upper ‘Square Head’ sail section provides extra performance.

Never hit your head again:
The modern cut of the catamaran mainsail provides a larger sail surface and creates less turbulence – and since it has no boom, you will never hit your head again. Thick Dacron canvas and large reinforced windows give rigidity and good all-round visibility.

Tow points provide height:
The tow points of the 3.50 m² jib are fixed at an ideal position close to the mast in order to be able to sail with more height and to ensure a good foresail profile, even when sailing wind abeam.

The comfortable continuous jib furler makes it easy to furl the foresail.

Traveller and trim

The best trim for the fastest ride

Flat or bulging, luff or lee:

The traveller allows you to perfectly adjust the tow point of the mainsheet to the course, while the clew plate allows you to adapt the mainsail profile to the wind conditions.

Pictures & Videos

Sailing in Paradise!

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Big city family sailing in Vienna
Sail anywhere!

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By clicking on the play button, you allow us to load external content from Youtube

By clicking on the play button, you allow us to load external content from Youtube

By clicking on the play button, you allow us to load external content from Youtube

By clicking on the play button, you allow us to load external content from Youtube

By clicking on the play button, you allow us to load external content from Youtube

By clicking on the play button, you allow us to load external content from Youtube

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Technical data

Overall Length x Width 465 x 220 cm 15' 3" x 7' 3"
Length x Width Trampoline 180 x 150 cm 6' 2" x 4' 11"
Hull Length x DM 450 x 47 cm 14' 9" x 18"
Mast Height 610 cm 20' 0"
Weight 79 kg 174 lbs
2 Packing bags 185 x 30 x 30 cm 6' 0" x 12" x 12"
1 Packing bag 80 x 45 x 28 cm 31" x 17" x 11"
Longest Item 180 cm (front frame + rear frame) 5' 10" (front frame + rear frame)
Persons max. 4 4
Payload 500 kg 1102 lbs
Air Chambers 2 2
Assembly Time 30 min 30 min
Operating Pressure 0.3 bar 4.3 psi
Material 1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk 1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk
Headsail / mainsail 3.5 m² / 8 m² 32 sq.ft. /86 sq.ft.
Sail Area 11.5 m² 118 sq.ft.
Wind Force 5 Beaufort 5 Beaufort
Engine Power 4.4 kw / 6 hp 4.4 kw / 6 hp
Motor Weight 30 kg 67 lbs
Shaft Length Motor long shaft – L long shaft – L
ISO Standard ISO EN 6185 Kat. VI ISO EN 6185 Kat. VI
Design Category C C
Colour red red
Inland waters
Coastal waters
Single-handed sailing
Two people sailing, or more

Standard equipment

Included in delivery:

  • 2 wavepiercing hulls
  • 2 safety valves
  • 1 profile frame 4-parts
  • 1 trampoline mesh with snap-buckles
  • 1 double toe-strap
  • 4 paddle retainer
  • 1 net-pouch for lines
  • 1 bowsprit
  • 2 tensioning stays for bowsprit
  • 1 crossbar bow
  • 1 centreboard
  • 1 rudder
  • 1 mast aluminium 4-parts
  • 1 mast foot hinge
  • 2 double shrouds
  • 2 neoprene shrouds protection
  • 1 jib sail 3.5 sqm
  • 1 mainsail 8.0 sqm
  • 1 jib furler endless
  • 1 jib halyard pulley
  • 1 forestay
  • 1 traveller
  • 1 main sheet 4:1
  • 2 shroud wind indicators
  • 2 drilling for motor mounting
  • 4 drilling for slipping-wheels
  • 1 packing bag set 4-parts
  • 1 specification label
  • 1 repair kit
  • 1 valve key
  • 1 pressure relief adapter
  • 1 owners manual with declaration of conformity


Owners manual- Part 1 HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION
Owners manual- Part 2 Operating instructions
Pressure relief adapter
Sailing tips HAPPY CAT
Your new boat in just a few steps

Included in the price:

  • 1 Jib Sail
  • 1 Main Sail
  • 1 Pack-Sack
  • 2 Pack-bags Universal Sail with Wheels
  • 1 Sail-bag
  • 1 repair kit


Note: Shipping by forwarding agent


Special offers are available from this boat

8.990,00 EUR



(Set contents)

385,00 EUR
Elektroluftpumpe mit Batterie

Electric Air Pump with Battery

290,00 EUR
Bugverdeck  EVO, HUR


220,00 EUR

Foredeck net HAPPY CAT

40,00 EUR

Masthead float

300,00 EUR
Starkwind Segel-Set 6,5 m²

Strong wind - sail set

1.250,00 EUR
Leewanten Straffer Set

Lee-shroud tensioning set

50,00 EUR

Trapeze system

200,00 EUR
Slipräder HAPPY CAT

Slipping wheels HAPPY CAT

490,00 EUR
Sonnendach EVO, HUR


310,00 EUR
Abdeckpersenning HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION


400,00 EUR
Motorhalterung Happy Cat Evolution/Hurricane


240,00 EUR
Motorhalterung Happy Cat Evolution/Hurricane lang


330,00 EUR
Torqeedo Travel 903 L (Langschaft)

Torqeedo Travel 903 L (long shaft)

2.249,00 EUR
Total price

8.990,00 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs


HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION - Testbericht in der YACHT 08/15

"Deutlich mehr als nur Luft - Die Konstruktion ist steifer und schneller, als man denkt."

Ein Bericht von Martin-Sebastian Kreplin

Mit dem AUFBLASBAREN Happy Cat Evolution will Ewald Grabner beweisen, dass die alte Idee mit neuer Technik zu einem Gefährt führen kann, das ECHTEN SEGELSPASS bereitet. Ein Selbstversuch.

Testredakteure sind viel gewohnt. Aber ein aufblasbarer Katamaran, der mehr sein soll als eine besegelbare Bedeinsel? Das ist doch nur - das Wortspiel liegt auf der Hand - aufgeblasenes Marketing. Zwei wabbelige Rümpfe, die kaum die Kraft des Seglers ins Wasser übertragen können? Für Camper spannend, aber für Segler?

Lesen Sie weiter ...

YACHT 08/15 Model: Segelkatamarane / Happy Cat Evolution Owner since 2015

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