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Pressure relief adapter 0.3 bar for all air pumps.

In order to ensure that the correct pressure is always available when inflating, a pressure adapter is available instead of the previous pressure gauge.

Instead of the previous bayonet adapter, this adapter is simply plugged onto the hose of the air pump. The boat can be easily inflated until the pressure relief valve discharges air = “hissing sound”. Thus the correct operating pressure can be easily achieved.

Standard on every boat
From the 2020 season onwards, GRABNER boats without built-in pressure relief valves will be delivered with the new pressure adapter. This is used for inflation – whether with bellows or manual air pump.

Upgrading existing pumps
If you already own a pump – whether with or without pressure gauge – the pump can be upgraded with the individually available pressure adapter. Instead of the previous adapter, simply use the pressure adapter.

For use with all common pumps, extension piece for 1/2 and 3/4 inch hose.

Inaccurate air pressure gauges
Pressure gauges on conventional air pumps of all makes are very sensitive. If a pump falls over or takes a knock, the pointer can become misaligned. The gauge will then show less or more pressure than is actually in the boat.

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25,00 EUR
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