Type of waters and max wind for Happy Cat NEO

  • 04.10.2022
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Hello, I am a happy owner of a Neo. I am a bit confused about the NEO theoretically supports Beaufort 4 sailing (16knots of wind) and is to be used in inland waters but it has Category C rating that means coastal waters (see) and wind support up to Beaufort 6 (27 knots).
Also when you sail within Bft 4 (up to 16 knots) you have burst potentially 20-22 knots.

I’d like to understand the limitations of NEO with Bft 5 and sailing in sea coastal areas.

    • KP.Riemer

      Re: Type of waters and max wind for Happy Cat NEO

      • 05/10/2022

      Hi Juan, I think the Category represents by definition conditions a boat should resist safely. This might be different to what the manufacturer recommends for long-term, convenient use.
      I own a NEO too and sailed it up to 6Bft gusts (maybe more in some gusts, no measurement on board) and generally it is possible. Maybe this might lead to earlier damage or wear out, don’t noticed anything yet. Along with such wind conditions you might have 1-1.5 Meter waves, more in open seas. The waves are much more a problem to me. It is a little bit easier when the waves are longer (sailed in Brittany once) and harder when they are short (e. g. in the Baltic Sea, bigger Lakes). In any case you have some drawbacks: You lose much of your possible speed due to the waves, the boat hits the water sometimes quite hard what is not only bad for the boat but also for your back and you are not able to sail as close to the wind as in lighter conditions (as you have to sail against the waves mostly and they take away the already reduced speed when sailing close hauled)
      So generally I would say, sailing open seas is of course possible (and much Happy Cat Owners do so) but for me it is not much fun with more than 4Bft. I would appreciate inland water when the wind is stronger as the waves will be lower…
      Hope this helps … Klaus

      • juan

        Re: Type of waters and max wind for Happy Cat NEO

        • 06/10/2022

        Thank KP for your feedback.
        I agree that the max Bft 4 range zone is the funniest one and the best to learn safely. I was not so skilled to sail in Bft 5 & 6 conditions safely. My doubt was more related to engineering. As Neo es only 15cm narrower than EVO and 40cm shorter but in the other hand Mast is 1 m shorter imho it should be more or less the same to handle 1 meter waves and Bft 5 winds.