• 28.06.2018
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Hello to the whole HC community, and apologies for not writing in German 🙂

I am considering in getting an HC for sailing in sea coastal waters in Greece mainly, and I am trying to decide on which model (NEO or EVO).

The technical differences such as weight etc. are known, but it would be good to know actual user experiences. For example it is evident
from user accounts that EVO is very seaworthy, but what about NEO?

Any experiences and information on the comparison of the two models will be greatly appreciated!

thank you


    • Leonidas

      Re: HC EVO vs HC NEO

      • 17/06/2018

      thank you for your response, it does help me.

      Unfortunately I cannot test the boats since I live in Greece. It would be the best thing to do.

      I will be sailing mostly alone, but I also plan to do some easy sailing/cruising with two small children (6 and 8 years old) to get them
      into sailing. Some short distance sailing camping trips also, all in coastal waters and in the summer. And probably a small motor on it
      for the cruising trips.

      I was mainly worried about how the NEO behaves in winds 4-5 beaufort which we do have here in Greece, and also waves which tend to be bigger
      than in lakes.

      thank you again, and enjoy sailing!

    • sindbad

      Re: HC EVO vs HC NEO

      • 28/06/2018

      Hi Leonidas!

      To my opinion on sea / ocean conditions I would prefer the larger on, the EVO. In case of more wind you can also choose a smaller stormsail, which is not possible on the NEO. For the NEO the wind is very quickly too strong, especially if you are alone while sailing.
      fair winds, Michael