Besegelung von Kajaks

  • 21.01.2021
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wir suchen einen geeigneten Kajak, der auf Seen und Flüssen, aber im Sommer auch für die kroatische Küste taugt (und dort auch 2-3 km offenes Meer verträgt, um von einer Insel zur nächsten zu kommen). Also vor allem Mega oder Riverstar.
Zahlt es sich aus, dabei gleich auch auf eine mögliche Trimaran-Besegelung zu schauen?
Gibt es jemanden, der auf diesem Gebiet schon Erfahrungen gesammelt hat?
Vielen Dank im Voraus, lg

    • ARS139

      Re: Besegelung von Kajaks

      • 29/01/2021

      Hello. Apologies that I don’t speak German as I am from the United States but own a Holiday 3 and it is awesome, costs about as much or little more than plastic boat but stiffer, lighter and faster.

      Anyway sailing a kayak is a complex proposition. No kayak has the stability to take sail so absolutely you will need a trimaran. I am not aware of how you could get trimarans installed on a Mega or Riverstar but if you plan to sail you cannot just do it with these boats. Grabner does have some sailing catamarans.

      A friend of mine built an outrigger kayak to take sails but it was awful, very complicated, heavy and it never really worked that well. It also took 2 hours to assemble and 2 hours to disassemble, not practical.

      I know of a sail kayak known as the Hobie Adventure Island that is trimaran and built with sails. You can paddle it but the weight is such that it comes with a paddle drive as it’s more efficient. There is a tandem (or double) model for a few thousand more too.

      This boat is loved by all who own it. It’s easy to put together but it’s VERY heavy (like 210lbs with full sail and everything) so you will need a trailer too it’s not practical to rooftop it. If you look at the experiences online in detail you will see that the many moving parts and high complexity of this boat will mean repairs come early and often. In other words it’s not like a kayak where you just throw it in the water, take it out, wear a life jacket, keep an eye out for the weather and that’s it. Its cost and maintenance puts it between a real deal sail or motor boat.

      I have very little knowledge or experience with sailing a kayak but I know a tiny little bit about it having considered it and seen it a bit. I would rate my expertise 2 out of 10 so not that much. Take what I say with a grain of salt but from what I have seen I decided against it because it’s the worst of both worlds. You lose the simplicity and ease of a kayak and while acquiring some of the boat expenses and maintenance but you don’t quite have the real sea-worthiness of a real boat either.

      Honestly I would pick exactly one boating style you really want to use. Either decide on simplicty to paddle a kayak, or make the most of spending extra money, time, maintenance and aggravation to get the higher capability of a real boat. Mixing the two sounds cool but it’s not.

      • Georg

        Re: Besegelung von Kajaks

        • 02/02/2021

        Thank you, Ars, I think you are right … we have to decide for one boating style. For this reason probably Grabner took the sails out of program.

        • Rheinkm591

          Re: Besegelung von Kajaks

          • 12/03/2021

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