Unbeatable QUALITY

Note 11 reasons, why a Grabner boat is the best decision:

  • Superior stability and performance characteristics, due to highest air-operating pressure.
  • Excellent air tightness means safety and no need to keep replacing lost air.
  • Boat skin made from premium EPDM/natural caoutchouc.
  • Extremely tough when grounding.
  • Unsurpassed longevity of several decades.
  • Age- and UV-resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable – no harmful PVC softening agents.
  • Generous appointed dimensions for comfortable seating, adequate leg room, supreme riding stability.
  • Versatile use: paddling, sailing, motoring.
  • 7 years boat skin guarantee (obligatory online guarantee card registration).
  • Premium eco-benefit:  Manufactured in Austria, boat-skin produced in Germany.

Mr. Grabner´s résumé

Ready for use in only 6 Minutes!

Unbelievable versatile

water-way exporation
white-water kayaking
bathing excursion
fishing and hunting

Packing inflatable kayak