GRABNER is not only a manufacturer of products but also eager to supply the "joy while using".

It all starts with listening to the wishes of the customer and taking these wishes serious by making new products containing them. Many products and improvements were created this way. The aim is to please the user and offer him a boat with a long life span.

Another principle is to produce everything in harmony with the environment. It starts with a sensible use of the raw material, spreads to a human way of producing, environmentally friendly use and realistic recycling or waste disposal.

The brand you believe in

At the water sports no-one should do things by halves! If one really wants to enjoy his spare time on the water only the best is good enough.

Joy with the function, the feeling of security and the guarantee to have the best product. THIS IS WHAT GRABNER PRODUCTS ARE ABOUT.

Many national prizes and honours for innovations are the best proofs. Because of this GRABNER products have been sold in 40 states in the whole world for 30 years.

GRABNER inflatable boats ....

... are the successors of the famous SEMPERIT boats.

With the purchase of the Austrian boat factory and the production plant of the former German inflatable boat producer METZELER and with the assumption of the XR TREKKING boat program GRABNER continues a tradition of boat producing.

Our favorites are new innovative products.

Boats which are modern and which offer security, long time quality and ecological harmony.

GRABNER water sports accessories...

... they make an individual dream boat out of every boat.

Therefore there are various accessories to every model.

Everything is technical and colored coordinated, it suits and pleases you.



GRABNER life jackets ...

... are "the most successful sportive" ones in the world. In cooperation with top - class sportsmen and experts products are developed which fulfill all requirements:

  • Maximum security
  • unequalled comfort of wearing
  • modern
  • and of course Europe Norm (CE) approved