“Quality” as a word is often misused. A lot of things are claimed as “Quality”. What really one assumes to understand by it can be explained by comparison of seemingly like products.

So as to render you able to note the difference between inferior and good quality, your attention is drawn to the following comparison and the points of good quality you may recognise as being to your benefit.



Your benefit


short, narrow, confining, low, tender when paddling, poor course holding

longer, beamer, higher freeboard, good course keeping

  • more space in the boat
  • more comfortable seating
  • more legroom
  • sufficient stowage space
  • better course holding
  • less spray


filigree, simple, not existing

stable, compact, sensibly appointed all-round

no annoyance because of inferior equipment standard


  • PVC foil, PVC with light woven fabric
  • Fabric with PVC interior tube
  • inferior rubber materials

  • Caoutchouc sheathed polyester fabric
  • tear resistant, cold resistant, long life

  • Upon inflation the boat stiffens
  • x-times enhanced bumb safety chafe resistance
  • amortisation by long life use


prone to air-leaks

air tight to ISO EN 6185

Safe cruising any time

Operating air-pressure

below 0.1 bar

expanding under inflation

operating pressure 0.3 bar (up to 300% higher)

Safe cruising any time

Firmness, stability

soft, pliable, torsion

hard, stiff, torsion proof

Boat as stiff as a solid material boat



simple screw valves

None losable built in safety air-valve double seal + interior protector

Easy to paddle, good course holding property

Whitewater + Sea use compatibility

none, tame waters only

subject to type, whitewater 3-6

at all times complete + secure performance capable