All boats are constructed, conforming to latest ISO-Norms, which govern all requirements:

Materials tests: Strength of the boat skin, air-tightness, resistance to ozone, oil, sea water, cold, heat and bacteria.

Safety requirements: Arrangement of the air chambers, buoyancy, static stability, maximum number of persons, operating load, operating pressure, maximum motor power.

safety- and support fittings and fixtures

Functional components: Lifting and carrying fixtures, solidity of the fittings and the stern board, drainage of the boat rump, steering system, motor fixing, towing fixture.

Performance test: Practical operating test under light and full load.

Operating instructions, warning notices, labelling: Type plate details, operating instructions, warning notices, standard equipment.
Labelling is to EN ISO 10087.


All GRABNER boats suited for motor-use are supplied with the European-Community - declaration of conformity, and for that reason need no individual approval.


24 month total-guarantee

and 7 year boat-skin-guarantee

GRABNER inflatable boats are truly GUARANTEED quality products.

During the entire production process they pass several quality-checks. Should however and in spite of those checks a fault develop within 24 month from the date of purchase, the warranty procedure as per guarantee certificate will come into effect. (excepting commercial usage).

In addition to the 24 month total-guarantee, GRABNER inflatable boats are covered by a 7 year boat-skin guarantee. (excepting commercial usage).

It is conditional, that the guaranty terms and conditions are adhered to in full, and annual checks are carried out in accordance with the information to owners as stated in the hand-book supplied with every boat.