Advantages inflatables


A GRABNER inflatable renders you mobile and enables you to enjoy many varieties of leisure and vacation activities. Most boats of the GRABNER range are designed to suit several uses and means of propulsion. One boat alone suffices to provide all the fun and pleasure.

Looking at the pictures taken of the ADVENTURE model, you will see how versatile GRABNER inflatable boats are.

Option of use:

water-way exporation
white-water kayaking
bathing excursion
fishing and hunting


Vacation and leisure activities make up the most valuable time of the year. Activities on the water, and that is boating, remain high on the agenda and what one expects of it.

The purchase of a boat is an investment, which is not made to be repeated every year. It is a decision taken with great foresight, because such investment should give pleasure for years to come.

For that reason it becomes a matter of importance and early considerations, well in advance of the purchase.

... because it can easily be stored at home.

If you do not live close to a river, a lake or the sea, one may assume it to be most convenient, for you to store your boat at home, and take it to the place where you wish to launch, whenever you want to.

What you need to consider is:

  • A solid boat (made of wood, plastic, aluminium) retains its volume even when stored at home and during transportation. That restricts mobility quite a lot!
  • A folding boat, being demountable, consists of many individual components, the volume of which needs to be packed into several bags. Those components have to be reassembled.
  • An inflatable boat is the private owners ideal type of boat, for travel and best suited for roll up flat-pack. It takes on the shape of a boat only when filled with air. The flat-pack unit is approximately 90% smaller than the room taken up by a solid boat, and around 60% smaller than that of a folding-type boat. In general, inflatables come in one single unit only, which ideally suits storage at home. A GRABNER inflatable may even find a place in a small appartement, in a garage, or in the basement or loft. There is space even in a cupboard for under the bed, hence there is no need for alternative storage facilities, or a mooring by the waterside.


Comparison 2-seater

Size (cm)

Number of pieces

Packing size in cm

Packing volume 

Individual pieces


Assembly time (1 Person)

 Solid boat (1)


1 boat


1,30 m3

1 piece

37 kg

mount luggage rack, load, unload - 15 min

Folding boat (2)


3 bags


0,32 m3

34 pcs.

32 kg

unpack, sort out 34 pieces, assemble - 30 min..

Inflatable boat (3)


 1 rucksack


0,08 m3

1 piece

26 kg

unpack, inflate - 12 min.

... because it is easy to transport.

A GRABNER inflatable may conveniently be transported

  • by car
  • in a caravan
  • motor-home
  • by train
  • by bus
  • by plane
  • by sporting aeroplane
  • on a motorbike
  • on a bicycle
  • or eben strapped to a persons back

When transporting by car, no trailer or roof-rack is required. That saves fuel and enhances secure driving.

By train or air, it is simply carried as luggage.

Short assembling time ...

Option of propulsion:

  • rowing
  • paddle
  • electric motor
  • fuel engeine
  • sailing-rig
0.3 bar operating pressure
upright-stable in white water conditions


Advantages offered by 0.3 bar operating pressure:

  • It makes it easier to steer, and hold a straight course.
  • The crafts rigidity over its length renders it more stiff and better suited for rough water.
  • It reduces torsion.
  • Less energy required, when moved under muscle-, sail- or engine power.
  • The same energy effort produces higher speed.

Riding qualities of a boat are predominantly determined by the shape and stiffness of the hull. The better shaped, the harder and rigid, the better is the boats stability and performance.

It is the air pumped into an inflatable boat, which makes up its shape, rigidity and firmness. Ordinary inflatable boats usually allow only a low maximum air-pressure. Exceeding such pressure may result in damage to the craft.

Not so with GRABNER, because all GRABNER boats (except FUN) are built to have an operating air-pressure of 0.3 bar.

10 persons carried-hardly submerged
extreme resistance to capsizing


A GRABNER inflatable boat incorporates maximum safety, thus allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of boating much more.

For example:

  • Because of the increased buoyancy provided by the crafts float chambers.
  • Because of the multi-chamber system. Should one air chamber become defect, the remaining compartments will still provide adequate buoyancy.
  • Because of the stability, when stepping into the boat, and when under way.
  • Because of the tough boat-skin, it remains resilant, elastic, and cushions even under tons of pressure when encountering a bump. “Things that give way, don't break.
  • Because of safety-air-valves, allowing for fast inflation, dosage and rapid deflation, it has an included feature that prevents unintended accidental release.
  • Because in the event of a capsize, the craft remains afloat as a safe and unsinkable island.
Absorption of forces on impact

You can always and in every respect depend on a GRABNER inflatable!

Your Life and good health comes first.

GRABNER inflatable boat - we care - you deserve nothing but the best.