HOLIDAYS KIRCHBERG: From 21st Dec. 2018 until 6th January 2019.

Delivering - Picking up

Items for repair may be sent to the company, and upon completion be collected or returned by post or carrier.


GRABNER Bootsfabrik KIRCHBERG - prior contact by telephone is recommended  (only boat repairs).
Tel.:  +43-7282-4106

GRABNER Bootswelt HAAG:  Tel.:  +43-7434-42251-0, Fax : +43-7434-42251-66, e-mail: grabner(a) .  In the event of urgent repair please bring or send the boat direct to KIRCHBERG.  That saves and shortens repair time up to one week.

You have questions about repairs? Please contact our repair-department in Kirchberg:

GRABNER Luftbootfabrik

Wolkersdorf 6, 4131 Kirchberg

Tel.: +43-7282-4106

Fax: +43-7282-4106-33

e-mail: reparatur(a)

All other repairs exept boats:

sent to:

GRABNER Bootswelt HAAG: Tel.:  +43-7434-42251-0, Fax : +43-7434-42251-66, e-mail: grabner(at) .

Duration of repair

The length of repair time is a matter of individual arrangement and mutual agreement. You can speed up the process, if you consider and deside upon the cost estimate quickly.

Inspection/ estimate of costs

If a boat cannot be repaired or you decide not to repair it, we have to charge EURO 50, - for checking and preparing the estimate of costs!


  • Service + repairs. Arrange for it as soon as possible after the season is over, or before the new season starts,  and not when the boat is required in commission urgently!
  • Clean the boat yourself. Then you don't incur cleaning costs.
  • If you dispatch the boat, ensure it is wraped properly, so that nothing  gets lost or damaged.
  • Put the valves into the package, but no accessories which have nothing to do with the repair.
  • Deliver the boat flat packed. Boats which are on trailers or in an assembled state,(complete with engine, steering assembly, or flooring in situ,) will  are NOT be accepted.
  • We assume no liability for boats or trailers, which are parked on our company car-park.
  • It is necessary to place detailed repair instructions  into the package! If you think it necessary, mark the places where the repair is required.
  • Glueing on special fittings: We need marked positions on the boat, or detailed drawings.
  • We do not mount fittings or acc. of the make of other companies!
  • If  repair is to be carried out under guarantee please enclose the guarantee note and the bill(copy). (as per guarantee conditions covering your boat).
  • If the packing material supplied can not be re-used, new packing material will be charged for.
  • Postage is for customers account.
  • Accounts have to be paid in full prior to delivery.  (by cash, credit card, or bank transfer).
  • Other companies products can only be repaired if they are made out of rubber or hypalon (not PVC).
  • If the boatskin  is porous, or corrugations are torn, the price of repair usually is higher than the price of a new boat. In such this please consider this before sending or bringing the boat.