Repair instruction


There is a specially-prepared repair set available as a special accessory so that you can make small repairs on your OUTSIDE yourself.

The repair set consists of glue tube, repair patches in various sizes, sanding paper, repair instructions all packed together in a practical plastic container.

Air pressure + leak test:

Air pressure test:
inflate boot to operating pressure (0.3 bar as per operating manual). Kept  in a room of constant temperature for 24 hours. Pressure loss may under consideration of room temperature and barometric pressure be      20 %
i.e. 0.3 bar after 24 h  drop to 0.24 bar

Air pressure check by application of soap sud.
Inflate boat to operating pressure. Cover suspect area of the air chamber with soap sud, thus localise damaged area with the help of emerging bubbles.

Bonding – Repair:

bonding process:

  • at a room temperature of 18-22 degree C.
  • Humidity should not exceed 70%.
  • the boat must completely be deflated of residual air.


Choice of patch size:

  • With holes, slits  and rips up to 5 cm length, patches suffice to be bonded to the outside.
  • Larger holes and slits require an additional patch on the inside.
  • Patches should be 3 – 5 cm larger than the damaged area.

Exterior bonding:

  • Deflate the boat.
  • Choose a repair patch of the proper size (patch must be approx. 1 - 2 inches longer and wider than the area to be repaired). Attention: The corners must always be rounded off!
  • Trace the size of the repair patch onto the boat.
  • Sand the rear side of the repair patch and the repair area well with the sandpaper. Attention: Don't sand into the fabric!
  • Clean the repair patch and the repair area with alcohol, surgical spirits or GRABNER-solution (special accessories). Attention: the sanded areas must be completely free of dust and oil!
  • Apply a thin coat of glue on the repair patch and the repair area.
  • Apply glue to dry 5 - 10 min. until the glue surface becomes dull.
  • Apply a second thin coat of glue.
  • Allow to dry another 5 - 10 min.
  • Attention: Do not touch the glue areas with your hand! Seal the glue immediately after using!
  • Stick the repair patch onto the repair area and press or rub vigorously.
  • Remove any glue residue with GRABNER-solution (special accessories) and press or rub the repair area once more. Attention: Solution should not come in contact with the glued area danger of dissolving the glue!
  • Wait at least two hours before using your boat. It is best to leave the boat uninflated overnight.

Bonding from inside and outside:

  • open up slits and tears to 8 -10 cm.
  • Select and prepare  suitable patch. ENSURE: corners to be rounded.
  • Roughen the surface of the inner area all-round  3- 4 cm. The patch to undergo roughening too.
  • Use pencil to mark the centre of the patch.
  • Use solvent to clean adhesive zones.
  • Apply adhesive to the adhesive zones of the patch, and  inside the tube,(all-round 3-4 cm). Tube must not stick together.
  • After touch-drying cover patch with plastic foil.
    Place patch inside the tube in a manner that the pencil marked centre lines up properly.
  • Remove the foil.
  • Now apply pressure roller fashion.
  • hereafter apply exterior patch in the described manner.


  • Do not use the glue in full sun exposure!
  • Ensure good air circulation in closed rooms!
  • Keep glue away from children!
  • Do not use glue near on open flame -DANGER OF INFLAMMATION!

Removing of adhesive:

Warm up with hot air blower: Heat bonding 90 degree C, cold bonding 75 degree C.
Loosen bonded joints by means of a folding tool.
Use flat pliers  to gently pull off. Warning: Do not pull off  the rubber coating of the  base webbing!
Risk of  fray threading.


For larger repairs, consult your specialized dealer or a GRABNER workshop. Always have repairs done right after high season in order to avoid long waiting periods.