Watertight zippers

Instructions for use

When a sealing zip closure is closed, the sealing lips located above and below the helix are pressed against each other. This sealing function means that the zip runs tightly.

Consequently, the zipper must be treated regularly with an acid-free silicon-based lubricant.
The product comes supplied with a lubricant paste that can be used to treat the zipper. This paste can also be ordered, or you can also use GRABNER silicon spray.

If the zipper is not lubricated regularly, it will cease to function.
If during use the zipper should not close, it is usually sufficient to lubricate the zipper, return the zip to the stopper and then close the zipper again. This does not damage the zipper.

In rare cases, if the zipper does not close after this treatment, it may be necessary to press the zipper helix (with the zipper open) carefully behind the zip using a pliers to close the beginning of the helix.
Regular lubrication of the zipper minimizes the risk of having to carry out such maintenance work.

The sealing zipper is in any event spray-waterproof, but if it is exposed to water pressure over a longer period of time, it is possible that small quantities of water may penetrate.
Consequently, we recommend wrapping the contents in a plastic bag before storing them in a product fitted with a sealing zipper.