The problem is that of late similar  enquiries have reached us at a magnitude of 3 per  day or almost 1000 annually, relating to:

  • Sponsoring of adventurers and sport enthusiasts
  • Support of clubs and event-organisers
  • requests from the trade for means of  support
  • Courting by the media and organisations to place adverts
  • Support of institutions and other concerns   
  • Donations to charity and communal institutions.

As the only manufacturer of inflatable boats in the German speaking countries, most of the requests are for gifting of boats and accessories.

It does of course please us that our products are so popular and welcome as gifts. However, the sheer volume of sponsoring requests can not be financed! Economic margins become narrower every year, whilst costs of materials and production rise simultaneously to a point, that can no longer be passed on to the consumer. In other words, narrower margins have to generate and cope with higher needs for future investment. At the same time one must bear in mind, that manufacturers  calculated margins are only half of those that are customary within the retail trade! If we were to gift substantial quantities of our products, the GRABNER company would no longer be in business.

So as not to appear using such arguments as pure excuse, we like to give you an insight of the flood of enquiries that reach us daily:


    This or similar pleas are popular arguments to acquire products free of charge. Note though: ADVERTISING – Every seen product  promotes. That is of course correct, but in spite of that fact,  and  far more often seen than a boat, motor cars are not gifted...
    GENERATING SALES -  It is a matter of delusion, to believe that modest publicising, (I.e. Internet, regional reports, public talk and presentation) would generate sales. Research have revealed  that at best, one can expect activities of well known personalities (e.g. Reinold Messners TV presentations) to go down well, but in least of all cases will such result in instant purchase.
    BUT.., MY CASE IS MORE DESERVING THAN THAT OF OTHERS – is the most quoted argument when pointing to the many enquiries for sponsoring.
    Of course, everyone considers ones own project as the most important and one that deserves priority. Bear in mind though, that the others think likewise...
    Testing of products  has taken place already at the GRABNER Company, hence there is no need for additional “testing” by third party. Trial FREE OF CHARGE  “prior to purchase” though is possible. Feel free please, to ask test-information.
    If it is your wish to hire a boat free of charge for an extended period, please be advised that this is not possible or customary, not even within the motor car trade. Although a car is 10 to 50 times more expensive than a GRABNER boat, a test period at no cost and  beyond a single test drive is unlikely.
    Hiring of boats at a rental fee – for a limited period – is possible for some types of boats. If interested, feel free to ask for information.
    Having read to this point and objectively judging what has been said, you will surely agree, that further expenditure unfortunately is not possible. We ask for your understanding. In spite of our inability to meet your request, please remain well disposed towards us.


..to meet only half the requests for support. The crux of the matter  though is that the buyer has to pay for all the manufacturers expenses, and what we give away has to be added to the price. If a product becomes too expensive (due to high ancillary costs), nobody will buy it.  Even you will think and act in such manner.

Apart from the many requests for support, the very narrow profit margin yet has to finance:


  • Research Facility
  • Development Department
  • Personal Research and Development Dept.
  • Training/Seminars
  • Technical Literature
  • Trial- + Test Samples
  • Test-Series  Expenditure Test Expenses
  • Examination Fees
  • CE-Annual Examination Fees
  • Norm Fees
  • Training, Series-Production


  • Factory Building
  • Purchase of Machinery
  • Production Staff
  • Store-keeping Raw Material
  • Store-keeping Risk Raw Material
  • Training/Seminar Staff Rejects + Seconds
  • Compulsory Employee-Examination
  • Extraordinary Social Expenditure
  • Special Waste-Disposal Fees
  • Environmental Protection Facilities
  • Staff Safety Considerations + Measures


  • Instruction Manual
  • Individual Wrapping
  • Dispatch Packing


  • Store-Hall
  • Delivery Vehicle
  • Dispatch Staff
  • Storage Risk
  • Re-Pricing
  • Packing Material
  • Postage
  • Overproduction


  • Exhibitions / Shows
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Internet
  • Adverts in Magazines
  • Adverts in Consumer Publications
  • Dealer Training
  • Product Demonstration / Test Events
  • Displays
  • PR- Campaigns
  • Publicity Dept. Staff


  • Marketing-Personnel
  • EDP-Organisation
  • Agent Commission
  • Customer Visits
  • Trade Support
  • Discounts


  • Motor Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Asset Tax
  • Labour Tax
  • Health Contributions
  • Chamber Membership Fee
  • Association Fee
  • Employer Contributions
  • Disablement Contribution
  • Wast-Water Dues
  • Water Charge
  • Waste Collection Charge


  • Seconds
  • Claims
  • Claim Obligations
  • Product Liability


  • Insurances:
    Fire, Liability, Accident
    Elementary, Motor-Vehicle ..
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Power
  • Vehicle
  • Telephone, Telex, Telefax
  • Snow Clearing
  • Repairs

PS: In our experience, the largest “Sponsoring Budgets” are provided by Banks and  the big Manufacturing-Groups engaged in marketing brand products of daily consumption ( Food, Electronics, Automobile and Cosmetics etc.) They reach all consumers, whereas ours, being  articles for adventure and water sport, find a market of only 1%. Perhaps you will approach one of those companies, and use the contributed sponsoring money to purchase GRABNER products.