Laws regulating sailing differ from country to country.





Minimum ageThe minimum age for being in charge of a sailboat is 14 years, or 12 if all persons on board wear a life jacket.Minimum age 14 yearsUp to 15 m2 - free
from 15 m2 - 14 years
What licences are required?No licence is required for Austria, but it is recommended to obtain a certificate of proficiency. That is helpful in the eventof accidents.As from 12 m2 sail area the “A” licence of the Deutschen Segler-Verband is obligatory. On certain inland-waterways in Berlin and Brandenburg the “Sport-Boot”-licence “Binnen” is obligatory for a sail area exceeding sail area exceeding
3 m2
As from a sail-area of 15 m2 the sailing licence „Kategorie D“ is obligatory
Registration/permitSail-boats need not registerRecommended with DSV or ADACAt the „Schifffahrtskontrollen“ of the Cantons
Where can one sail? On all lakes and waterways. Exceptions are indicated by prohibition notices.On all lakes, reservoirs, and inland waterways. Special regulations apply to Lake Constance, Bavarian and Berlin waters.On all lakes and waterways. Exceptions are indicated by prohibition notices.

There are some lakes in Switzerland where you need a special Vignette.
F.I.: Hallwillersee, Sempachersee, Vierwaltstättersee, Zugersee etc.
You can buy the Vignette at "Kantonalen Schiffahrtsamt". Prices and Validation are different for every lake.

Special regulationsLake Constance: On lake Constance use of a sailboat to 12 m2 is free, as from 12 m2 the “Bodensee-Schifferpatent Kategorie D” licence is obligatory. All boats over 2,5 m must be registered (no matter whether with or without engine).

Sailing at night: Sail-boats must display an allround white light at night and in poor visibility.