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Spraycover HOLIDAY 3, 2-seater - from 2021

Product Description

Whether water from swell, white-water or rain, spraycovers keep canoeists and their luggage fairly dry. Spraycovers also provide ideal protection against the cold during the cooler seasons, or prevailing temperatures of the cool northern climes.

The spraycover stretches across the entire boat top side. They are made of water proof sheathed material, and feature ring shape cockpit-hatches with integrated white-water aprons.

For GRABNER boat: HOLIDAY 3 (from 2021)


2 cockpit-hatches
14 stainless steel hooks
2 ww-aprons
14 grommets 6 mm
Adhesive and sand paper

Colour: red/black
Hatch size: 79 x 50 cm
Hatch diameter: 210 cm
Weight: 3.8 kg

Appropriate spraycover fittings must be bonded in place.
Respective fittings, and adhesive, and instructions for bonding these to the boat are supplied with the spraycover. Bonding requires appr. 1 – 2 hours.

Service works – carried out the GRABNER Boat factory: Bonding of spraycover fittings


Still enough stock.


Expected delivery date



EUR  410.00

excl. shipping costs
VAT included.

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