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Product Description

Extremely robust life-jacket with extra strong cover material, double stitching and reinforcement for commercial application.

Made in Austria


Material: 250 g nylon cover

Buoyancy: super-soft buoyancy foam – for best wearing comfort

CE number: CE00130018

Colour: Red

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


  • adjustable chest- and main-belt with push-in buckles – for exact circumferential fit
  • adjustable necklacing string leg straps with push-in buckles – prevent jacket slipping upwards
  • divided chest foam-panel
  • handle for lifting in chest area
  • emergency whistle – for acoustic signal
  • chest pocket
  • 50 mm reflexing strip
  • coat hanger-loop
  • for use with life belt
  • suitable for use with life belt

The perfect live-jacket for commercial application, i.e. aid organisations, and best quality standard for private use.


Size S:
dress size children: 152 – 164
dress size woman: 34 – 38
weight of user: 40 – 60 kg
buoyancy in Newton: 90

Size L:
dress size woman: 42 – 46
dress size men: 50 – 54
weight of user: 80 – 100 kg
buoyancy in Newton: 120

Size XXL:
dress size men: 58 –
weight of user: 120 – kg
buoyancy in Newton: 130

Size M:
dress size woman: 38 – 42
dress size men: 46 – 50
weight of user: 60 – 80 kg
buoyancy in Newton: 105

Size XL:
dress size men: 54 – 58
weight of user: 100 – 120 kg
buoyancy in Newton: 130

Safety at work, by the water

Those working by the water, or involved in voluntary flood- or other emergency operations, must protect themselves against respective dangers.

Accidents easy happen when working in such environments. When falling in the water, being able to swim is of little help! Heavy clothing, or panicking cause death by drowning, to even the best of swimmers.
There is particular risk to life if the body has been in the water for some time, suffering hypothermia and rapid loss of energy. Workers engaged in activities, on boats, the fire-services, water / sewage treatment companies, power-stations, and the rescue services etc., when aboard barges or other types of floating vessels, or working at the shore, they need to protect themselves effectively against the dangers of drowning.

The only effective protection against drowning is a life-jacket suitable for the application.
A life-jacket rolls a person from a face-down to a face-up position, thus holding head and breathing organs above the water. Accessory equipment such as handle for lifting, belts and leg-straps, emergency whistle and reflexing-strips etc. ensure safety and assist in spotting and recovering the victim in the water.

The PIONIER life-jackets billion buoyancy closed-foam bubbles provide additional protection against cold, abrasion, cuts and stab wounds.

(PIONIER only suited when no working close are worn.)

When wearing heavy work clothing and additional gear, lifejacket of TYPE 275 must be worn under any circumstances.

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