The whitewater kayak with the sensational advantage! The HYPE is a short kayak for light rivers up to medium whitewater. The closed canopy with integrated coaming offers a particularly dry ride comfort. The ultimate highlight: rolled up, the HYPE is very tiny and light!

The handy package

When rolled up, the HYPE has a handy packing size of 70 x 30 x 15 cm. This corresponds to a volume of just 6% of the boat size and allows easy transport by car, train or plane.

But: The HYPE is not a packraft! Made of original Grabner rubber boat skin, the HYPE is incredibly robust. Contact with stones is no problem and offers maximum safety. In addition, the material is environmentally friendly and can be easily repaired.

The high air pressure makes the boat extremely stable and enables the paddler to experience an efficient and direct ride.

A big difference to thin plastic foil boats.

Agile short boat

The HYPE is moved with ease through every wave. The short boat length of 245 cm makes the boat extremely manoeuvrable – ideal in rough waters!
The serially waterproof closed deck with seat hatch offers a first-class ride comfort; you always sit in the dry and not in the cold water!

Perfect surfer

The boat shape of the HYPE matches that of a creeker kayak. The voluminous bow shape offers the necessary amount of buoyancy in waves and the flat stern allows impressive surfing characteristics!

Stable shape

The flat wide bottom provides good initial stability. The thick side tubes ensure high form stability.

Be one with the boat

Intensively developed with professional paddlers from the Augsburg Eiskanal, the HYPE has the genes of a real white water kayak. Innovative details meet the high requirements.

Thigh straps

In the knee area, the HYPE offers an enlarged inside width so that you can spread your feet into it in a really stable way. For direct body contact with the boat, the thigh straps, seat, backrest, hip pads and footrest cushion can be individually adjusted to the body size. Become one with the HYPE. Even rolling is possible very smoothly!

Foot support

In order to determine the centre of gravity, it is important to adjust the sitting position to your height and weight on your first ride. A forward position of centre of gravity can be advantageous. The boat responds very well to weight trim.

Space for equipment

The rear offers storage space for equipment. The 30 litre dry bag fits in perfectly.
A rescue throw bag and other objects can be attached to a D-ring between the feet, ready to hand.

Developed with experts

It is anything but easy to meet the high demands of white water paddlers. Especially when the boat has to be foldable into a small package. For two years numerous prototypes were built, tested and analyzed by experts at the Augsburger Eiskanal in Germany. In this way many innovative details were created.

” If you paddle it right, it works really well. Especially the surfing was really good. Even rolling is possible very smoothly.”

Short and agile

HYPE the Wild water kayak with sensational sophistication

Technical data

Overall Length245 cm8' 0"
Overall Width71 cm28"
Inside Length78 cm2' 6"
Inside Width48 cm19"
Hose diameter25 x 12 cm0' 9" x 0' 4"
Weight13.5 kg30 lbs
Packing Length70 cm28"
Packing Width30 cm12"
Packing Height15 cm6"
Persons max.1 Person1 Person
Payload90 kg198 lbs
Air Chambers33
Assembly Time5 min5 min
Storage space stern50 L3051 cu.ins.
Operating Pressure0.3 bar4,3 psi
Material1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk
White water category44
Still Watersgoodgood
Riversvery goodvery good
White watervery goodvery good
Capsize stabilityvery goodvery good
Get in the watergoodgood

Standard equipment

safety valves3
bow handle1
stern handle1
stainless steel triangles11
cross braces2
foot support1
thigh straps2
specification label1
repair kit1
valve key1
pressure relief adapter1
owners manual1
declaration of conformity1


EUR  1,990.00

plus shipping and handling
VAT included.


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