On rivers, lakes and in the sea. The professional kayak for solo-paddlers is a all-rounder for rivers, lakes and coastal trips at your holiday destination. Thanks to plenty of storage space, this inflatable kayak is suitable for multi-day trips on big rivers. It is perfect for a dream adventure as it can be easily transported in the boot of your car, train or in the aeroplane hold. This universal travel kayak can be used for many purposes and goals – just inflate it and you are ready to go.

Optimal gliding shape

Athletic and narrow, the versatile ESCAPE 1 features a sleek design for unlimited exploration.

Long body

Effortlessly the ESCAPE cuts through the water. The long water line of 420cm offers very little resistance and makes it a child’s play to move forward easy.

Under control with your hip

The new designed V-shaped body with downward-shifting floor and the pronounced centre tube stabilise the ESCAPE and keep it on course. That makes the ESCAPE run exeptionally smoothly and directionaly stable!

The pronounced upper side shape offers two benefits:

  1. Great hip contact to the boat
  2. Plenty of buoyancy when edging

So that you keep control at all times!

Deck for experts

The deck is made of waterproof Grabner rubber boat skin and fixed permanently to the body of the kayak. This way you will always stay dry underneath the deck. After paddling splashing water drips off and the kayak can be packed dry in no time.

The cockpit can be covered with an optional sprayskirt for additional protection in rough waters or on cold days.

Thanks to the flat deck cross wind has only little contact surface, for easy run also on breezy days.

Adventure trips

What do you need to take with you on longer trips? There is plenty of space under the foredeck and reardeck and it is possible to secure exact fitting watertight bags.

Also on the deck it is possible to attach watertight bags. Everything you need for multi-day trips.

Close at hand

The serial bow net keeps water bottles and much more ready to hand. With small hooks a watertight bag can be placed on top of the net.

Comfortably cushioned

The robust seat suits perfect for touring requirements. The flat seat surface ensures a low center of gravity for highest capsize stability. The backrest can be adjusted to the desired angle and for the relaxed paddler it is optionally available with a higher backrest.

Massive hold

The foot braces, which come as standard, can be continuously adjusted and give you a firm hold in the boat: We know what is important.

Perfectly in the hand

A handle is located left and right inside the cockpit. This way you can comfortably and easily carry the kayak sideways on your shoulder.

Bow and line

The strong bow reinforcement strake absorbs impacts and protects the boat when getting into contact with stones or rocks.

Stern and bracket plate

The stern bracket, which is included as standard, allows you to mount an optional steering device or electric motor.

See for yourself!

First impression ESCAPE 1 kayak trekking on lake Attersee.

Technical data

Overall Length420 cm13' 9"
Overall Width75 cm30"
Inside Length78 cm2' 6"
Inside Width48 cm19"
Hose diameter32 x 16 cm1' 0" x 0' 6"
Weight22 kg49 lbs
Packing Length75 cm30"
Packing Width35 cm14"
Packing Height30 cm12"
Persons1 Person1 Person
Payload160 kg353 lbs
Air Chambers33
Assembly Time10 min10 min
Storage space bow35 L2135 cu.ins.
Storage space stern45 L2746 cu.ins.
Operating Pressure0.3 bar4,3 psi
Material1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk
Engine Power with outrigger2,2 kw / 3 hp2,2 kw / 3 hp
Motor Weight with outrigger18 kg40 lbs
Engine power electric rear engine400 Watt400 Watt
Engine weight electric rear engine5 kg11 lbs
White water category33
ISO StandardISO EN 6185 Cat IIIISO EN 6185 Cat III
Design CategoryDD
Still Watersvery goodvery good
Riversvery goodvery good
White watergoodgood
Capsize stabilityvery goodvery good
Get in the watergoodgood
Power UnitDouble PaddleDouble Paddle
Water typeRiver, Coast, LakeRiver, Coast, Lake

Standard equipment

safety valves3
bow reinforcement rail1
fittings for bow and stern dry bags8
bow net1
kayak seat1
cross braces4
stainless steel triangles3
footrest bracket1
inlets for steering device2
steering line feeds2
drain eye1
specification label1
repair kit1
valve key1
pressure relief adapter1
owners manual1
declaration of conformity1


EUR  3,190.00

plus shipping and handling
VAT included.


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