Safe boating on lakes, rivers and easy white water: The world’s most popular inflatable canoe is a reliable companion for the entire family or for two persons with luggage on a variety of trips! Thanks to its versatility, this inflatable canoe is ready for all kinds of use – it can even be equipped with an electric motor. If offers plenty of space, which is a “big” plus: Shaped like a classical canoe, this truly Canadian boat unfolds many talents and awakens your thirst for adventure!

Beautiful symmetry

Thanks to its long water line and symmetrical shape from bow to stern, this boat has a low water resistance and good directional stability.

Reliably stable!

The downward-shifting floor with levelled side transitions provides good directional stability.

Fastened and raised

The high aspect freeboard protects the spacious interior against the wash of waves and more importantly – especially when there are children on board – from falling overboard.

For three adults: A third seat board can be added to the two seat boards included as standard, and each one of them can be trimmed in three positions. The eyelets beside the seat board serve for securing luggage and so do the floor D-rings, which can also be used for attaching thigh-belts when riding in white water.

Elegant reinforcement strakes

Strong bowand stern reinforcement strakes protect the boat-skin, when it collides with obstacles. Thanks to the attached belts, it is easy to carry the inflatable canoe, secure your luggage and to hold on to the boat if it capsizes.

Particularly clever: A small electric motor can be optionally mounted on the stern strake and simply pivoted down into the water when needed!

Optimal drain

The bailing-hose, which is included as standard, drains off splashed water continuously when going forward and can be then easilyretracted and sealed when you enter calm waters. Like this, your boat will never be full of water.

See for yourself!

Relaxed family river adventure.


Technical data

Overall Length450 cm14' 9"
Overall Width95 cm37"
Inside Length390 cm12' 9"
Inside Width60 cm24"
Hose diameter46 x 18 cm1' 6" x 0' 7"
Weight25 kg55 lbs
Packing Length65 cm26"
Packing Width40 cm16"
Packing Height25 cm10"
Persons max.3 Persons3 Persons
Payload450 kg992 lbs
Air Chambers33
Assembly Time10 min10 min
Storage space bow40 L2440 cu.ins.
Storage space stern40 L2440 cu.ins.
Operating Pressure0.3 bar4,3 psi
Material1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk
Engine Power with outrigger2,2 kw / 3 hp2,2 kw / 3 hp
Motor Weight with outrigger18 kg40 lbs
Engine power electric rear engine400 Watt400 Watt
Engine weight electric rear engine5 kg11 lbs
White water category33
ISO StandardISO EN 6185 Cat II + IIIISO EN 6185 Cat II + III
Design CategoryDD
Still Watersvery goodvery good
Riversvery goodvery good
White watergoodgood
Capsize stabilityvery goodvery good
Get in the wateracceptableacceptable
Power UnitSingle PaddleSingle Paddle
Water typeRiver, Lake, White WaterRiver, Lake, White Water

Standard equipment

safety valves3
bow/stern reinforcements2
carry- and luggage belts2
stainless steel triangles7
seat board fittings6
bailing hole1
seat board bow1
seat board stern1
specification label1
repair kit1
valve key1
pressure relief adapter1
owners manual with declaration of confirmity1


EUR  3,190.00

plus shipping and handling
VAT included.


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