Why is the HAPPY CAT designed to have inbuilt weather-helm?

The tendency to bear into the wind depends on the setting of the centre board and mainsheet-traveller.  Refer to “Why has the HAPPY CAT a long centreboard and not short fins?”


  • Too little weather-helm, or even neutral to lee-helm tendency would have a negative effect on performance! On the one hand for reasons of security, if fallen off the catamaran, the catamaran must turn to windward and come to a halt. On the other hand for reasons of performance properties, because the catamaran would lose windward beating qualities. Our trials with neutral balanced settings resulted in remarkably less windward sailing qualities.


  • On a sailboat the individual trim of the sails is very important. You have to feel how small changes affect sailing behavior. The rudder is designed so that such changes can be felt very good.


  • A balanced rudder would not show up those effects to that extent, because one would feel no pressure at the tiller. One would sail with incorrect trim without noticing it.
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