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This spacious kayak offers plenty of space for two persons and luggage; it is extremely stable and suitable for longer trips in quiet waters as well as day excursions. This top model of the Grabner kayak fleet is ideal for river exploration, lakes and the seashore. And it is just perfect for anyone who wishes to switch from a folding boat to an inflatable kayak: robust, comfortable and ready to use in no time. Gives a professional dimension to the joy of perfect gliding.

Benchmark dimensions

Space for two or three: The length (5 m) and width (90 cm) ensure legroom and plenty of room for two tall and strong people – or two children next to each other. This boat is a space miracle and surprises with great performance characteristics on calm waters, even on solo voyages.

Safe top shape

Thanks to its low design, RIVERSTAR barely has any surface exposed to the wind and it is also extremely stable, even in strong swells.

tramper mega riverstar grabner frontansicht boden

Stable position

The thick tubes offer outstanding stability. The pronounced keel with downward-shifting floor and the large centre tube create the necessary performance stability.

Open for everything

Alone in the middle or rather in company? The open cockpit leaves many things up to you – the seat clearance, your ideal centre of gravity and how to best distribute the extra loads.

NEW: Optimized foot braces as standard

From now on new optimized foot braces included as standard!


  • Rotatable side clamps adapt to the shape of the boat.
  • Can be locked every 2 cm – even better clamping force.
  • Flat pack size in a packsack or rucksack, as the side parts can be rotated.
  • 25 % lighter than before.
  • Black design fits the boat perfectly.
  • Steering pedals fit exactly on the hanger.

Safe and sound

The circumferential inflated deck provides protection against waves and increased torsional stability. Create flexibility as needed: For instance, with twelve different adjusting positions for single or two-seaters or to look into each other’s eyes while “picnicking on the water”… Even the optional spraycovercan be attached to the circumferential eyelet strip. Are you planning to go swimming? The slanting side parts make it easy to pull yourself up from the water into the boat.

Perfect fit

The seats can be inflated from soft to hard – they have a perfect shape and offer maximum comfort from the sitting inclination to the optional higher backrest. For hours of relaxed paddling.

Well equipped

There is plenty of storage space under the deck. If have a lot of luggage on longer trips, the storage space can be increased with storage nets or waterproof bags at the bow and stern. They can be attached by means of fittings, which are included as standard.

It’s in your hands

From now on equipped with ergonomic carrying handles at bow and stern. The handles fit great in the hand and allow the wrist to be turned into a comfortable position.

Right on course

Steering relaxed into calm waters – ideal when paddling as a pair. A steering or an electric motor can optionally be attached to the stern bracket, which is included as a standard. The steering can be mounted quickly and easily with carabiners and safety bolts. The steering lines are guided elegantly through compact openings under the deck. Once installed, the lines can remain permanently on the boat. The bailing plugs for complete draining are located directly beside them.

Recommendation: If you paddle with two people, the kayak is easier to steer with the steering device. Current, waves and wind are easily compensated with the steering device, without the need to steer in coordination with the two double paddles.

See for yourself!

Fascinating time on water with the RIVERSTAR.

Technical data

Overall Length500 cm16' 4"
Overall Width90 cm35"
Inside Length265 cm8' 8"
Inside Width50 cm20"
Hose diameter20 cm0' 7"
Weight28 kg62 lbs
Packing Length70 cm28"
Packing Width45 cm18"
Packing Height30 cm12"
Persons max.2 Persons2 Persons
Payload280 kg617 lbs
Air Chambers44
Assembly Time12 min12 min
Storage space bow30 L1830 cu.ins.
Storage space stern30 L1830 cu.ins.
Operating Pressure0.3 bar4,3 psi
Material1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk
Engine Power with outrigger2,2 kw / 3 hp2,2 kw / 3 hp
Motor Weight with outrigger18 kg40 lbs
Engine power electric rear engine400 Watt400 Watt
Engine weight electric rear engine5 kg11 lbs
White water category22
ISO StandardISO EN 6185 Cat IIIISO EN 6185 Cat III
Design CategoryDD
Still Watersvery goodvery good
Riversvery goodvery good
White watergoodgood
Capsize stabilityvery goodvery good
Get in the watervery goodvery good
Power UnitDouble PaddleDouble Paddle
Water typeCoast, Lake, RiverCoast, Lake, River

Standard equipment

safety valves4
pressure relief valves2
inflatable seats2
eyelet strips2
grommets for steering cable2
drain eylets2
stainless steel D-rings3
stainless steel stern bracket1
specification label1
repair kit1
valve key1
pressure relief adapter1
owners manual with declaration of conformity1


EUR  3,600.00

plus shipping and handling
VAT included.

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