Highest air pressure, highest stability: the INVADER carries over every whitewater! The bow and stern are not fragmented, but bent harmoniously round. The raft behaves noticeably more agile, is more comfortable controllable and glides better over waves. Extremely robust for years in use, also suitable as a lifeboat, for water sports centers and clubs or competition organizers. The maximum security for passengers and guides – and the best choice for your rafting company!

Robust and safe.

Double & replaceable boat-skin: A second boat-skin, which reinforces the raft at the external side tubes and along the bottom, allows it to withstand impacts against rocks or ground contact under heavy loads. The double boat-skin can be replaced if worn. Absolutely safe and extremely durable!

All-round safety.

An ingenious difference that is included as standard: the continuous safety-bulkheads. In the event of damage, the boat retains air along its entire length and does not sink neither to the front nor to the rear. You can continue your journey safely.

Stabilising rolls.

Two inflatable rolls add incredible stiffness to the raft.

Safe seats.

The anti-slip seat-covering on the side tubes increases passenger safety.

Quick bailing-holes.

For optimum drain: The bailing-holes along the bottom sides of the boat ensure that splashed water is drained off quickly.

Strong throughout.

The thick circumferential line, which is used to hold and carry the raft, is attached to sturdy triangular brackets. The large bow and stern handles are used to carry and tie the raft.

More safety.

The basic equipment of the boat includes everything you need for rafting. Additional, individual safety equipment is optionally available.

  • Narrow conical foot-caps provide good grip for your feet. Their special shape prevents your feet from getting stuck by mistake or slipping through.
  • The boarding handles on the right and left ends of the seatrolls make it easy to pull yourself up from the water into the boat.
  • Entry arrow markings help you find the boarding handles.


Available in 3 sizes


390 cm

for  6 passengers + 1 guide = 7 persons


440 cm

for 8 passengers + 1 guide = 9 persons


490 cm

for 10 passengers + 1 guide = 11 persons

See for yourself!

Rafting on river Salza in the Austrian Alps, adrenalin pure!

Technical data

Overall Length390 cm12' 9"
Overall Width212 cm83"
Inside Length310 cm10' 2"
Inside Width100 cm39"
Hose diameter56 cm1' 10"
Weight54 kg119 lbs
Packing Length120 cm47"
Packing Width50 cm20"
Packing Height30 cm12"
Persons max.7 Persons7 Persons
Payload1610 kg3549 lbs
Air Chambers77
Assembly Time20 min20 min
Operating Pressure0.3 bar4,3 psi
Material1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk1100 dtex EPDM-Kautschuk
White water category66
ISO StandardISO EN 6185 Kat. IISO EN 6185 Kat. I
Design CategoryCC
Colourred / blackred / black
Still Watersacceptableacceptable
White watervery goodvery good
Capsize stabilityvery goodvery good
Get in the watervery goodvery good
Power UnitSingle PaddleSingle Paddle
Water typeRiver, White WaterRiver, White Water

Standard equipment

safety valves7
pressure relief valves3
seat rolls2
seat roll fittings4
stainlesss steel triangular brackets10
safety- and carrying line1
carrying handles2
specification label1
repair kit1
valve key1
air-valve adapter bayonet1
owners manual with declaration of confirmity1


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plus shipping and handling
VAT included.


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