EQUIPMENT: Paddle, oars

  • doppelpaddel_fiberglas_4teilig

Double paddle Fiberglass 4-parts, 240 cm

Product Description

Extremely light double paddle with PAG-blades for all GRABNER kayaks.

30 mm fiberglass-shaft
2 drip-rings
3 double push-down button separation

Colour: black
Single section: 79 cm
Turned to 45°
Blade size: 44 x 16 cm
Weight: 1  kg

Attention: After use, always separate the paddle elements for cleaning of the connectors with a dry cloth. Apply silicon spray occasionally for easy separation of the press button retained connections.

Information: A broad paddle-blade generates stronger propulsion and for that reason offers more steering efficiency.
Narrow touring paddle blades are more effective and energy saving. Blades at asymmetric angles to each other support ergonomic paddling.
The passive blade causes less resistance whilst horizontally moving through the air.



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