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Picture contest

Send us your best pictures that have to do with boating, river hiking, white water, sailing or have to do with safety on the water.

If GRABNER products are on the picture we are happy, but it is not a condition.
The pictures should be sent in the best possible resolution.


1st price:1 GRABNER Voucher € 750,–
2nd price:1 GRABNER Voucher € 500,–
3rd price:1 GRABNER Voucher € 300,–
4th price1 GRABNER Voucher € 150,–
5th price:1 Electric air pump
6th price:1 GRABNER Lifejacket Bora
7th. price:1 GRABNER Learn to swim aid Swimy Kid
8th – 10th price:1 Automatic battery charger


Closing date: 30.10.2021

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    The images should be uploaded in the best possible resolution.

    * Pflichtfelder

    I hereby declare expressly that I am the sole author of the pictures sent by me and I grant the GRABNER GMBH with all these pictures, the exclusive as well as locally, temporally and in content unlimited right to use these pictures on all today and future known types of use and in particular in catalogs, on the Internet and other media, and to disseminate, reproduce, modify and publicly present it. I guarantee by confirming with the mouse click on "Submit" furthermore, not to have ordered the sent pictures and that the use or the use of the pictures sent by me by GRABNER GMBH rights of third parties are not violated. In the event that third parties from the use of my images sent by GRABNER GMBH should make any claims against GRABNER GMBH, I will hold GRABNER GMBH completely harmless and complain. I agree to the receipt of the Grabner newsletter.

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