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Offers: So as to enable us to submit an offer for specials, we need to have precise drawings with measurements and details of the requirement, i.e. materials, colours etc. Better still, an original sample. Very important is a specification of quantity, for it makes a difference, whether the required quantity is 1 off or a larger number.

  1. Basic offers:Quotations that require little effort, are free of charge.
  2. Complex offers:Quotations for articles that deviate from standard require prior technical clarification with regard to feasibility, plus time consuming calculation (at least in part), and comprehensive written specification. Such costs are to be charged and paid prior to submission of quotation. In the event of an order placed, the prepaid amount will be reimbursed in full.
    The lump-sum charged for technical assessment, feasibility considerations, calculation and written quotation amounts to € 70.00 + VAT, due in advance.


No templates need to be produced for some (basic) articles. Other more complicated articles though require the production of a prototype, templates and other supporting means. Sometimes complicated considerations and calculations are essential. The costs arising from those will be included in the calculation of the first construction piece. That explains, why the prototype (reference sample) unit is relatively more expensive than articles of a series production.
Understandably the price reduces dramatically, if the order does not consist of one off pieces only, or small batch products, but encompasses reasonable quantities for cost-effective production.
Likely expected quantities do not count. Price considerations focus on factual quantities for production and delivery.


SProduction of specials will commence after receipt of advance payment in full only. Specials are excluded from exchange.


Dates of delivery quoted, are to be understood as from receipt of payment!

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