Service Overview

Selection: the new 1,000 m2 GRABNER BOOTSWELT presents all the GRABNER inflatable boats in a wide range of alternative versions.

The selection is even larger than in the GRABNER catalog, and also covers electrical outboard motors.

A unique and complete rafting range, i.e. rafting boats, rafting accessories and everything for your safety on the water, awaits rafting enthusiasts.

This makes the GRABNER BOOTSWELT the largest special exhibition for touring boats and rafting in Europe.

Everything on stock:

  • all boat types
  • original accessories
  • original spare parts
  • repair material
  • Life jackets
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Rescue articles

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Special offers:

The GRABNER BOOTSWELT has also exactly what you need to save money.

Boats and accessories with slight blemishes, end-of-lines, single items, demonstration or second-hand boats at amazing prices  - SPECIAL OFFERS .

Test before you buy:

Before spending your money on a long-term investment, namely a boat, you really need to be sure whether the product meets your ideas and requirements.

However, a boat is not a product that can be bought just round the corner.

For this reason, testing possibilities are not as frequent as, for instance, for cars, which can be test-driven anywhere.

In order to give interested boat buyers the opportunity to try out the boats, GRABNER has set up some possibilities:

Rent a boat

If you want to get to know a boat better before the purchase, there is the possibility to rent it:

Rent a boat - DEALERS

Cash-free payment:

You can also pay "with plastic" at the GRABNER BOOTSWELT: with cash card and three different credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club

Car park:

There is always a free parking space in front of the GRABNER BOOTSWELT.

What you buy is loaded directly into your car. And if it´s raining, simply drive to the warehouse and load up there.

For genuine globetrotters, there is a separate shady picnic rest area.

Factory repair service:

The GRABNER inflatable boat factory provides everything from a simple boat service to a complicated repair, expert and yet inexpensive.

From the gluing over of small holes to large cracks, plugging leaky boats and repairs to wooden components and sails.

Repair organizational

Sufficient time:

Plenty of time: A boat is usually a purchase for many years.

Take your time and bring your family with you!

The best shopping time: Monday to Thursday, mornings.