Boat-test lake Haag

Most buyers wish to try the boat of their interest prior to purchase. That is understandable, for prior to buying a car it is customary to have a trial run.

Since boats are not offered at every corner shop, it is difficult or impossible to take it for a spin.

Since the GRABNER company commenced producing boats, they have organised boat test opportunities for interested customers. Initially near the factory in Austria, but for some time now in several regions of Germany. This enabled GRABNER boat testing at the events held at Wallsee and the regional locations in Germany. This provided first hand proof of the products uniqueness to many interested boating enthusiasts and help them to make their choice.
Some interested customers though had not been able to travel to the test locations at the given dates. There has been a call for test opportunities spread throughout the season. That wish has now come true.





Right next to the GRABNER boat-world showrooms at Haag, (Lower Austria) a 1,000 m2 lake for testing boats has been created.

Fitted out with all the essentials: a large jetty for easy boarding and disembarking, a round-the-lake pathway and a boating shed.

Conveniently appointed table and chair groups and seating stones invite to pause, dwell and just watch.

=> During the summer of 2012 a 1,000 m2 boat-test lake has been created ...


All kayaks, Canadian canoes, and all-round boats can be taken for trial run on the GRABNER boat-test lake (from March to October) => boats for testing. It is also possible to test electric motors, (during house exhibition) at the Wallsee location only. The lake is too small for sail boat trials, hence these will continue to be held at Wallsee, and at the regional events in Germany or at special arranged HAPPY CAT trials. Testing of boats is possible during GABNER boat-world business hours only.  

In order to thoroughly test the boat and find out all about it, there is no limit on the duration of the trial run. In addition a wide range of accessories is on display at the GABNER boat-world. There will be in attendance comprehensive staff to offer helpful information and answer questions. It is possible to purchase on the spot and collect the chosen boat after the event. That is a convenient purchase opportunity and saves time.

IMPORTANT: Come early, so that there is sufficient time for your trial runs of boats, before the close of the day and opening hours.

If you do not wish to make use of the set test date opportunities, you may still take advantage to visit and try out your dream boat at the GRABNER boat-test lake.