GRABNER inflatable boats, water sports accessories and life jackets can be purchased in many countries around the world.

There is a dense network of dealers particularly in the German-speaking countries ? Austria, Germany, Switzerland. Many of the dealers have a good selection, expert advice and a corresponding service. This makes it easy for water sportsmen and women to make their purchases at dealers close by.

Experience has shown, however, that some dealers only have a small selection and that certain boat types, specific accessories,  motors cannot be inspected. But critical purchasers would first like to see the goods before spending their hard-earned money.

It is for this reason that we have created the GRABNER BOOTSWELT.

There has always been a display of products at the Haag factory. However, this was in a high-shelving store, small and impersonal.

Spring 2000 sees the launch of the GRABNER BOOTSWELT. In a new annex comprising 2 storeys and a 1,000 m2 exhibition area, you can examine not only all the GRABNER boats but also the wide range of alternative versions.

The restriction to GRABNER products exclusively is also a guarantee for expert advice down to the smallest detail.


At the new GRABNER BOOTSWELT, you will find the advice you expect when buying a boat.

From advisers who themselves have tested every boat thoroughly. And who have learned what matters in thousands of discussions with beginners and experts.

Mr. Pröll
Mr. Grabner Ewald
Ms. Schmidtbauer