XR Trekking as a canadien canoe
XR Trekking as a kayak

General info - XR TREKKING

The XR TREKKING is a unique boat which can be used i a two-fold manner:

That makes the boat unbelievably versatile, ideal for exploring lakes, rivers, white-water and even coastal waters.

15 backrest-seatadjustments permits the craft to be used as single, double- or even three seater boat(i.e. for parents with an infant).

The seating position can be set precisely to suit leg comfort of the canoeists, hence it is easy to trim the boat exactly and relative to load.

For those who were in doubt, whether double- or single blade paddling is more suitable for them, the XR TREKKING is the best choice offering greatest satisfaction.

XR TREKKING as a kayak

to sit inside the boat and prefer double bladed paddles
Folding seat
High-pressure seat

The perfect solution for those who like to sit inside the boat and prefer double bladed paddles. Deep located seats lower the centre of gravity, which in turn render the boat highly capsize resistant.

Back rest seating advantages are long periods of tireless travelling,comfortably seated.

There are 2 seat options available:

  • Folding seat (x) - comfortable and compact

  • High-pressure seat (x) - anatomically shaped, fully adjustable from soft to hard, small packing dimension, made from original boat skin.

Both seat types can be employed for single and double seat application. Backrest inclination is adjustable via 2 straps.

XR TREKKING as Canadian-canoe

XR TREKKING as Canadian-canoe
Seat board

Included as standard is the supply of 2 seat boards, rendering the craft fully suitable for white-water use, as well as for calm water canoeing, seated or kneeling.

Inclination of the seat boards is fully adjustable. In the event of a capsize the boards flip upwards automatically. The boards may, if so desired be set flat for the best and most comfortable seating position.

Opting for the combination paddle (x) allows double- as well as single paddle canoeing.

Additional features

drain valve-plug

Symmetric bow- and stern decks offer ideal luggage stowage facilities.

A carrying-handle fore and aft is convenient for launching and landing the boat.

8 eyelets each at the bow and stern section allow secure and capsize proof strapping of luggage to the deck.

The drain-valve position offers the option of 8 punched drain-holes.

Service works - carried out the GRABNER Boat factory: Punching of drain holes
There is no need for these, if the boat is predominantly used in calm waters.

They are recommended for white-water application, because they constantly suck water out of the bilge.

Using a drain valve-plug (x) those holes can be sealed water tight any time.

(x) accessories - not standard supplied