The accessory sets contain those items, which make up the most popular purchases.

Please note, that accessory sets offer considerable savings in comparison to individually purchased parts.

  • Seat bord, middle - for additional adult (or 2 children)
  • Seat-board-pad with bag - for optimized comfort and on board-tidiness

Spraycover - to protect against spray, rain and cold

  • They are ideal sacks for the transport of boats, for voluminous pieces of luggage,and for use as waterproof back-packs, or in the boat as waterproof centre stowed bags.
  • Bow/stern dry bags - for waterproof storage of luggage.
  • Bailing-hose clamp - ensures absolute water tight sealing of the bailing-hose
  • Thight belts - for extreme white-water application.

Boat trolley - for easy movement ashore

Outriggers stabilise, enhance safety against capsize, and are essential for fixing an outboard engine bracket.

accessories - not standard supplied