seat-boards can be fixed at individual positions

General info - OUTSIDE

The short water-line length of the boat ensures magnificent manoeuvrability. One could turn it around on a sixpence, and it is child's play to circumnavigate passage blocking rocks in the river.

The seat-boards can be fixed at a choice of 15 individual positions to suit the canoeists personal preferences, and for best trim.

The seats can be tilted for best comfort. In the event of capsize they flip up.

Functional fittings with a total of 62 fixing points - 14 strong stainless D-rings, 32 eyelets and 16 holes - ensure that luggage can securely be stowed and fastened to the boat.

A most practical bow and stern all-round safety and carrying-line enables the boat to be carried, or hauled alongside, and to be held onto in the event of capsize.


Water splashed into the boat is drained away by the self-bailing system, hence the OUTSIDE always remains manoeuvrable and does not need additional bailing.

In calm waters the cleverly designed rollup seal of the bailing-hose can be closed.

Spray and rain water may be evacuated from the bilge without unloading the boat.

The ample luggage space in the bow and stern and the boat middle keep your complete equipment securely.

The ideal colour scheme has been well thought out. The black outer skin (particularly tough and resistant thanks to the high percentage of carbon) blends discretely into the surroundings).

The red inner skin can save your life as a signalling colour in an emergency.
The successful material - the tried and tested boats skin - is extremely resistant and can be quickly and easily repaired.

The OUTSIDE for touring and white-water sports
Touring and white-water riding are made safer, simpler and more enjoyable with the OUTSIDE. The OUTSIDE has characteristics that have previously been in the realm of dreams. Beginners value its stability against capsizing. Experts are delighted with its manoeuvrability and flotation. White-water up to category 6 is no problem for the OUTSIDE.

The OUTSIDE as adventure and expedition boat
The OUTSIDE can be used to discover foreign lands, people and regions particularly easily. There's no longer a need to use your own car - buses, trains or taxis will take you to the starting point of your journey. The boat can be stored in your back pack until you reach the river.

The OUTSIDE as electric or petrol motorboat

dry bags (x)

The OUTSIDE as bathing boat
The OUTSIDE is an excellent bathing boat. Two people can lie comfortably in the bow and stern, and it is easy to re-enter the boat after swimming.

The OUTSIDE as fishing and hunting boat
The OUTSIDE is ideal for all those in search of a catch or quarry. It floats inconspicuously and provides enough space for all your equipment.

The OUTSIDE as a barge
200 l equipment can easily be transported in the OUTSIDE without creating a sense of disorder or crowdedness. The key is tailor-made bags (x) that store all the equipment in a minimum of space and keep it dry.

The OUTSIDE as rental boat
The OUTSIDE is ideal as a rental boat thanks to its high stability and safety in the water, and particularly because of its economy. It stands up well to continuous use, pays for itself quickly and has a high reselling value.

(x) accessories - not standard supplied