high aspect freeboard rotects infants from falling overboard
plus plenty of room
good sail-boat

General info - ADVENTURE

Highly appreciated are features of the ADVENTURE that virtually offer everything families, novices to paddling to professionals, whitewater freaks and heavyweight water-sport enthusiasts expect from a boat:

  • smooth running
  • excellent course holding
  • stability to resist capsize
  • plus plenty of room (space for stowage of luggage)
  • and most of all the feature of versatility

With the Torqeedo stern mount motor is the ADVENTURE a quietly moving motorboat offering great comfort. Decisive overriding fact though are the boats aspects of safety and resilient material, which guarantee an unbelievable long use and lifespan.

Thanks to its Canadian canoe shape and the long water line that comes with it, the ADVENTURE stands for outstanding directional course holding stability, without having to make constant course corrections. Newcomers and those with little sailing experience will appreciate this feature.

High aspect freeboard makes provision for extra load. It protects infants from falling overboard and fends off the wash of headon waves.


Bow and stern have strong reinforcement strakes, which absorb and take the impact velocity out of bumps. Short decks covering bow and stern ward off ingress of water fore and aft.

Functional fittings, such as the 4 + 3 strong stainless D-rings and 30 seatboard eyelets ensure safe and secure stowing of luggage in the boat.

Bow and stern all round fitting safety and carrying-belts enable to carry the boat or hauled along side, and to be held onto in the event of capsize.

Water splashed into the boat is drained away by means of a sealable bailing-hose, being part of the self-bailing feature, hence the ADVENTURE always remains manoeuvrable and does not require additional bailing. In calm waters, the cleverly designed roll-up seal of the bailinghose can be closed. Spray and rain water may be evacuated from the bilge without unloading the boat, or tipping it over.

safe boat of universal and family friendly
highest seating comfort

High resistance to capsize, and the different methods of propulsion by means of:

render the ADVENTURE a safe boat of universal and family friendly application.

Even two children can sit next to each other on the middle seat board (x).

The seats (x) can be mounted as horizontal planks or, with the help of the belts, set to any angle. The boat can be trimmed by adjusting the seat board along the length.

Spraycovers also provide ideal protection against the cold during the cooler seasons, or prevailing temperatures of the cool northern climes.

The large luggage storage area provides space for even the most extensive adventure equipment.

The spraydeck (x) protects against rain, spray and cold, as well as permitting luggage to be fastened down at the bow, stern and middle.

The ideal colour scheme has been well thought out. The black outer skin (particularly tough and resistant thanks to the high percentage of soot) blends discretely into the surroundings). The red inner skin can save your life as a signalling colour in an emergency.

With its three seat holes, the ADVENTURE can be used by 3 persons or the ideal seat position for two persons can be selected.

(x) accessories - not standard supplied