high freeboard


6 conveniently placed carrying handles plus 2 x 2 bow and stern carrying belts for easy carrying on land.

High freeboard of the hull comprising 3 inflatable corrugated tubes protects against side wash, and enables canoeists seating side by side.

inflated seatrolls

Equipped with 6 inflated seatrolls the TEAM becomes, relative to its size, a real “lightweight”

The rolls are secured to the inside of the hull by means of straps. That enhances stability and qualifies for whitewater exploration up to grade 3.

It has better riding qualities, runs faster than a rafting boat, and it responds well to steering by paddle. Because of upright seating in the boat, riding and paddle actions become more comfortable and require less effort.

The entire boat inclusive of the 6 seatrolls, pumps and various small items, fits conveniently into a 120 x 60 x 35 cm size carrybag (x), small enough to fit into a car.

stability to resist capsize

General info - ADVENTURE TEAM

Highly appreciated are features of the ADVENTURE that virtually offer everything families, novices to paddling to professionals, whitewater freaks and heavyweight water-sport enthusiasts expect from a boat:

  • smooth running
  • excellent course holding
  • stability to resist capsize
  • plus plenty of room (space for stowage of luggage)
  • and most of all the feature of versatility

Decisive overriding fact though are the boats aspects of safety and resilient material, which guarantee an unbelievable long use and lifespan.

Thanks to its Canadian canoe shape and the long water line that comes with it, the ADVENTURE TEAM stands for outstanding directional course holding stability, without having to make constant course corrections. Newcomers and those with little sailing experience will appreciate this feature.

High aspect freeboard makes provision for extra load. It protects infants from falling overboard and fends off the wash of headon waves.

safety and carrying-belts

Bow and stern have strong reinforcement strakes, which absorb and take the impact velocity out of bumps. Short decks covering bow and stern ward off ingress of water fore and aft.

On side parts there are safety and carrying-belts enable to carry the boat or hauled along side, and to be held onto in the event of capsize.

(x) accessories - not standard supplied