Wild rivers are the few remaining paradises of our alpine environment. Picturesque, lively, even violent, they wind themselves downstream through mountain scape, and romantic in their appearance.
Kayaking these waters demands energy, personal fitness and high concentration, that leaves no room for boredom and thoughts of the daily ratrace at home.

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The XR TREKKING is of relatively flat build, hence hardly susceptible to wind.

High aspect bow and stern offer excellent riding characteristics and a balanced measure of directional stability and sinuous agility.


There are products that have gained cult status over a period of time. Like a HARLEY DAVIDSON, a FERRARI, or a ROLEX.

That happens with boats too, i.e. the GRABNER OUTSIDE . Among enthusiasts it is already considered a boat to have cult status.


The ADVENTURE offers everything an experience canoeist would wish and ask for when choosing the ideal Canadian canoe.

An ideal travel companion and ever soversatile. It is the most popular boat for exploring the water-ways, whether in calm water or turbulent white-water conditions, on expeditions, motor propelled, or moving under sail. Likewise it offers a safe basis for bathing pleasure, or fishing- and hunting trips.


ADVENTURE EXPEDITION - comes standard with coaming eyelets.

Ideal for expedition/wilderness travellers, where many mounting options are required, as well as for those who want to row the boat.

In addition to the unique hot vulcanized rubber boat membrane, the high operating pressure and the ideal paddle features its ample space for lots of luggage is captivating.


The ADVENTURE SL is of the ideal size to accommodate 4 adults, or 2 adults and 3 children; a perfect boat for the entire family, or for the adventurer, who requires a lot of luggage space.

A perfect boat for the entire family, or for the adventurer, who requires a lot of luggage space.


Exploring the water-ways as one group consisting of several people is becoming increasingly popular. As part of a group of friends, members of a club, youngster or family outings, or even exploration tours organised by a boat-hire company.

The ADVENTURE TEAM is the boat best suited for the occasion. It is the enlarged version of the GRABNER ADVENTURE