General info - INVADER RAFTS

Shooting through the white-water spray, between the rocks in the heart of an wild and untouched landscape - this is rafting, the penultimate adventure of our age.

Of course, such extreme undertakings require a specially constructed rafting boat with first-class safety equipment.
After all, the boat has to absorb tons of impact and friction. A quick and efficient drainage system, extreme stability, high resistance and safety devices for the passengers are all absolutely essential.

The GRABNER rafts when fully equipped provide maximum safety for crew and raft guides.

Pressure reliefe valve
Anti-slip seat covering

Convincing advantages:

Hydrodynamic shape
GRABNER rafts feature an ascending round shape bow, and a stern line to match. That reduces below water line friction and enhances speed, thus requiring less paddle effort and energy. The symmetric shape allows to be move forward or reverse, bow and stern alike and as circumstances may demand.

Inflatable bottom
The bottom section vulcanised onto the boat provides additional buoyancy, the corrugated shape ensures optimised course holding qualities and safety. Excess air pressure reduces when the relief valve springs into action.

Safety air-chambers
Both hull tubes have integrated interior safety-bulkheads, which act like an inner tube. In the event of damage to the boat skin of the exterior tube, the boats journey can be continued in safety.

Self bailing
Spray and water collecting in the bilge is continuously evacuated, and sucked out of the side of the floor.

Anti-slip seat covering
All seats are supplied with rub resistant anti-slip seat covering. It will support the crew seating firm and secure on even the roughest of rides.

All-round carrying + safety line

All-round rubbing protection
An all-round rubbing tape is vulcanised over the bonded joint of the upper and lower sections of the outer tubes. That protects the boat against chafe and other damage caused upon boarding or under way, by contact with rocks.

Bow and stern reinforcement
So that the shape of the ascending bow and stern sections of the boat do not suffer damage when stacking several boats on top of each other, i.e. on a trailer, both ends have been given multi reinforcement properties.

Multiple lower side protection
The lower sections of a rafting boat, the sides and the corrugated bottom of which are particularly vulnerable to damage, have an additional sheath (consisting of 6 layers) vulcanised onto the boats skin. That provides effective protection.

All-round carrying- + safety line
All INVADER rafts have a provision of 8 triangular shaped stainless brackets moulded onto the outer tubes above the water line. The 16 mm dia. all-round carrying- and safety line supplied ties onto these brackets.

Bow- + stern carrying + safety handle
Bow and stern have the provision of a strong stainless carrying- and safety-handle for the boat line to be fastened to.

The inventory for each Raft includes 2 inflatable seat-rolls. Apart from serving to „seat“ likely passengers, their main function is to massively stiffen the boat.

Seat-roll quick fastening
Practical stainless snap-buckles take care of quick fastening and removing the seat rolls. That ensures compact and secure fastening with no obstruction or risk of accidental release.

The natural rubber boat skin is extremely tough and robust, resisting against chafe, and adverse affect of heat and cold. It repairs are easy with lasting effect.

INVADER with ÖNORM equipment


GRABNER RAFTS are in use all over the world. Regulations appertaining to commercial rafting substantially vary from country to country.

In Austria specific safety equipment is mandatory. E.g. For OENORM conformity:
For commercial admission the following special equipment is mandatory:

ÖNORM foot-cap
Boarding hand holds
Entry arrow-markings

ÖNORM foot-cap
GRABNER INVADER Rafts approved for Austria require bevelled foot pedals, which prevent feet unintendedly getting stuck (or slipping through). 2 toe caps per person. The seat-rolls each replace 2 caps.

Boarding hand holds
In order to ensure easy boarding of the raft from the water, handholds are bonded close to the position of the seat-rolls. The handholds, 4 in total, run through a webbing sleeve. They also represent convenient handholds for passengers seated on the seatrolls.

Entry arrow-markings
So as to clearly indicate the hand hold positions for swimmers boarding the boat from the water, 4 arrows pointing to that position have been bonded in place.

There is a choice of numerous fixing brackets available for retrospective bonding to the craft, and to suit individual outfit.

hand-holdentry arrow-
size S: 10 pcs.size S: 10 pcs.4 pcs. 4 pcs.
size M: 14 pcs.size M: 14 pcs.4 pcs.4 pcs.
size L: 18 pcs.size L: 18 pcs.4 pcs.4 pcs.