The GRABNER INVADER rafts when fully equipped provide maximum safety for crew and raft guides. Ideal for commercial rafting companies.

(INVADER Raft with ÖNORM equipment)

GRABNER rafting boats INVADER are in use all over the world. Regulations appertaining to commercial rafting substantially vary from country to country. Some places have no such regulations, where basic equipment suffices.

In other countries, (i.e. Austria) specific safety equipment is mandatory.
For commercial admission the following special equipment is mandatory:

  • ÖNORM foot-caps
  • Boarding hand-hold
  • Entry arrow-markings

Certain such special equipment is available at extra charge.

Size S
Size M
Size L

The rafting boat INVADER is available in 3 sizes:


390 cm

for  6 passengers + 1 guide = 7 persons


440 cm

for 8 passengers + 1 guide = 9 persons


490 cm

for 10 passengers + 1 guide = 11 persons