The accessory sets contain those items, which make up the most popular purchases.

Please note, that accessory sets offer considerable savings in comparison to individually purchased parts.

  • Seat-boards with anti-slip surface: For easy rowing, or when motoring.
  • Comfort-seats: with high aspect backrests for optimised back support.
  • To cushion the seated area, and for secure and space saving stowage of utensils below the seatboards.

Bow dry bags - for waterproof storage of luggage

Rowlocks: For use as a rowing boat, the rowlocks can be fitted to the eyelet lip. The position for forward and rear seatboards can be arranged to suit and to take care of the occupants individual body height for optimised personal comfort.

Boat trolley, wide: For easy transport of the boat ashore.

Slipräder Motorboote: Kleine Slipräder zum einfachen Bewegen des MUSTANG am Land und zum Slippen ins Wasser.

Insert-flooring: For stiffening the boat, the use of a high powered engine, for applications under sail, or carrying heavy loads, (i.e. diving equipment).

  • Boat-ladder: Consisting of 3 rungs, and equipped with hinged folding mechanism and fixing-line facilitates bathers and divers easy disembarking and re-boarding.
  • Sun-awning: for the provision of shade and protection against too much sun. That adds extra convenience to a fantastic holiday afloat. Innovative securing of oars, boat-ladder and outboard engine, allows their use concurrently.

accessories - not standard supplied