Moving leisurely or planing fast over the sparkling surface of the water, feeling the wind brush your face, getting to know lonely islands, lagoons, bays and rivers in romantic settings, nothing else could provide more pleasure, no matter whether you move under electric- or fuel driven power to a place for fishing, diving, water skiing or bathing.

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The Grabner ADVENTURE Canadian canoe is one of the most sold inflatables of the GRABNER fleet of boats. Its hydrodynamic shape, other design features and quality craftsmanship are unique.

Although there are already 3 versions of the ADVENTURE, there has been a constant call for the SPEED as a variation that bears a transom for more convenient engine attachment.



Long and sleek, this inflatable motorboat has less water resistance than conventional inflatable motorboats. Thanks to its exceptional shape, it glides much faster through the water than conventional boats equipped with the same motor power. What a feeling to fly over the water with 10 hp and at a constant speed of 30 km/h!

The light boat  MUSTANG with a width of 120 cm is extremely stable and is suitable as a tender on yachts and for relaxed motorboat trips on lakes, rivers and along the coast. For up to three adults; can be easily manoeuvred by one person.



This top-class inflatable motorboat MUSTANG GT easily accommodates 6 persons with all their swimming gear, a cooling bag or camping equipment/tent.

Its width of 170 cm makes it extremely stable and family-friendly whereas the length of 4.50 metres makes for plenty of fun: on motorboat trips when skipping over the water with a speed of more than 40 km/h, when paddling on the lake or fishing.