Help for selection


Often it is not easy to pick the right model to suit, from the large range of GRABNER boats. The following recommendations may help you to make the correct choice for yourself.

What type of boat must it fundamentally be?

Whether a kayak, all-round or motorboat is the right one for, you can decide from the illustrations and descriptions on the selection of type of boat page.

How many persons use the boat frequently, or on occasions only?

There are boats predominantly as 1-, 2-, 3, 4-, and 6-seaters. That gives an indication as to size limitations. Often one wishes to use a 2- or 3-seater boat single handed. In most cases, moving the seats  allows such options.

How do you wish to propel it and which other additional forms of propulsion should be available?

The technical table clearly shows the boats and how they can be propelled (by oar, single-bladed paddle, double-bladed paddle, electric motor, petrol motor). A canoe (Canadian canoe) can be driven "stylishly" with a single-bladed paddle. If you desire, you can also use a double-bladed paddle in gentle waters => Use-and-propulsion

Which stretches of water are mainly to be traveled and which only every now and then?

The technical table with suggestions on every single boat can be very helpful when deciding which stretches of water - also lakes, rivers, white waters, seas - can be traveled with each type of boat. Choosing a boat must be basically based on which stretch of water you "particularly" wish to travel => Use-and-propulsion

What budget is at disposal?

Even the less expensive models in general host a variety of excellent features and performance attributes. Likewise it goes without say, that the more costly models, indeed offer a number of additional benefits. They may offer a higher performance, rigidity, or simply wider universal range of applications.