kayak seat
stainless steel stern bracket plate

General info - TRAMPER

The TRAMPER incorporates properties that render them quite different from other models:

Light weight and small transport volume by doing away with everything not absolutely needed.

Largest inside beam compared to other models, therefore adequately wide for everyone to step in and off in comfort.

Unbeatable stability, appreciated by children and seniors alike as a particularly  safe boat.
Excellent straight run and course holding qualities offer paddle enjoyment even for those with little or no experience.

The kayak seats grant high seating comfort. With soft cushioned and broadened rear section, stiffening profiles, infinite adjustable straps.

The 6 backrest mounting positions may be used to suit for 1- or 2-seater application.

Bow- and stern carrying handles facilitate light carrying of the TRAMPER.

The centre corrugation protrudes downwards by 2 cm and supports stabilizing and course holding properties.

The stainless steel bracket plate allowas to fix the steering or the Torqeedo stern motor easy and precise.

The boats black underside is unobtrusive to flora, in contrast to the red upper side representing a signal colour for poor visibility.