Resurrection of the well known and successful RIVERSTAR. A universally deployable inflatable travelkayak offering a host of special characteristics.

€ 3.300,-  Order

Those who wanted to cruise single handed, or with a second or third person on board, and with their respective luggage - always had to switch to a Canadian canoe.

The RIVERSTAR meets the 5 main criteria of a dream boat that most interested canoeists have wished for:

  • Thoroughbred inflatable: no individual parts
  • for application as 1- 2- seater (+ 3 seater: 2 addults + 1 child) no fixed seating positions
  • generously dimensioned, extra beamy: very comfortable
  • open cockpit: for convenient boarding
  • unbelievably versatile
RIVERSTAR as a 1-seater (*)
RIVERSTAR as a 2-seater (*)

(*backrest supports, steering device not supplied as standard)