a comfortable double- blade paddle kayak

General info - RIVERSTAR XXL

The RIVERSTAR XXL is the inflatable travel-kayak with worldwide the greatest overall length, meeting demands hitherto not covered. 

Immediately after its introduction, customer interest on the  RIVERSTAR rose beyond expectation. No wonder that sales figures accelerated likewise, and that owners are enthused by this extraordinary boat. The great number of recent boat testing events though indicated ademand in addition,  for an elongated version of the  conventional RIVERSTAR.

The RIVERSTAR XXL therefore is longer by approx. 1 metre – sporting an overall length of almost 6 metre. The inside length is 360 cm, which therefore allows 120 cm per person.

Thanks to high operating air pressure, the XXL is sensationally stable and torsion resistant.

Trials have revealed, that the  RIVERSTAR XXL incorporates exceptional course holding properties, and that when manoeuvring, it is only marginally more  inertial than the conventional RIVERSTAR. (Steering gear is recommended).

Thanks to high operating air pressure, the XXL is sensationally stable and torsion resistant.

Since there is no seating required for a dog or luggage, the  RIVERSTAR XXL comes standard supplied with 2 inflatable seats and respective foot brace bars.

Additional inflatable seats and foot brace bars are available as accessories.

for parents and grand-parents with children
very comfortable, lots of space for crew and luggage
to enjoy a trip protected by a spray-cover

For whom is the Riverstar XXL best suited?

For all those looking for a roomy boat,however not a Canadian canoe with spade paddle propulsion, but a comfortable double- blade paddle kayak.

For all, who do not really feel safe, or fear capsize.

For parents and grand-parents with children,looking for a roomy kayak.

For seniors preferring an absolute comfortable good natured and safe boat to an extreme sporty kayak.

For the veterans of folding canoes unwilling to spend hours on end fiddling on with numerous parts during assembly, dismantling and shifting of them, but who do not want to forgot the benefits of a roomy and stable craft.

For weighty canoeists in need of ample width for comfortable seating, and of sufficient buoyancy.

For all those looking for alternatives to paddling in company, say for single hand canoeing, or with a third person.

For those not willing to stay at home when the weather is poor, but enjoy a trip protected by a spray-cover.

For active canoeists wishing to venture rivers that are busy with traffic, light grade white-water, lakes or coastal waters.

For adventurers wishing to explore the wilderness, or go on expedition, demanding ample stowage space and extra load carrying capability for their boat.

For all, who do not only want to paddle, but occasionally wish to cruise comfortably under motor.

Speaking for it:

Through and through an inflatable: uncomplicated, effortless quick assembly and deflating for stowage, no bits and pieces, smallest pack away volume.

Deployment as 1-, 2- and 3 seater: no fixed seat locations, but 17 positions to choose from for adjustable inflatable-seats.

Generously dimensioned and extra beamy: very comfortable, lots of space for crew and luggage, unbeatably stable, generating confidence even for novices to kayaking.

Open cockpit: for convenient boarding and disembarking, space for movement, stretching a leg and lie down.

Unbelievably versatile: for exploring lakes, small and major rivers, white-water and the sea, for paddling or using an electric motor.

the length of 595 cm offers room for a convenient stretch out

Innovative details

The 95 cm beam renders the RIVERSTAR XXL unbeatably stable, with ample space to sit, or lay comfortably, and with no fatigue during extended trips.

The length of 595 cm offers room for a convenient stretch out, and to carry on board all that is needed.

The open cockpit enables heavyset people to step in and out of the boat with ease, to enjoy generous leg room, and to spread the load weight efficiently.

44 s/s eyelets both sides facilitate 17-fold seat positioning of the 1 - 3 seats, fixing of the spray-cover, luggage netting or bags, the attachment of the trimaran sailing rig accessories and last not least safety- and carrying lines.

Inflatable seat

The inflatable seats air-pressure can be varied from soft to hard. Length and cross running corrugations ensure utmost seating comfort. Tilt of the backrests (x) can be set infinite varying and to suit, by means of seat straps and floor-mount D-Ring brackets. There is a pouch built into the backrest for a backrest extension (x).

Seats may be installed facing forward in direction of moving, or opposite vice versa. That is a convenient feature when comfortably drifting, or enjoying a picnic afloat.

17 seat-adjustment points: deployment as 1-, 2- and 3 seater, no fixed seat locations, but 17 positions to choose from for adjustable inflatable-seats.

footrest bracket, steering pedals (x)
steering device (x)
bow/stern net: enables to secure paddles and pack-sacks on forward or rear decks (x)

The large dimensioned fore- and stern deck, reinforced by means of a wide centre corrugation for extra stiffness provides stowage for luggage and camping gear.

The bow is bent upward aesthetically, for optimised rocking and course holding properties.

The stern comes with 2 insert lugs and s/s bracket plate for the rudder assembly, or for mounting of the Torqeedo electric motor attachment.

2 massive foot brace bars can be fixed at varying positions (when air pressure of the floor chamber is reduced). The foot brace bar to the rear features pushbutton secured foot-pedal brackets for steering.

The equipment for steering, and motor control, foot-pedal-steering (x), or Torqeedo-motor bracket (x) fit pushbutton secured on top of the rear foot brace assembly. There are 2 water tight feeds in the stern deck accepting the sleeve protected rudder cables, and 2 stoppers in the interior.

Each one bow- and stern D-Ring with carrying handles serve to the attachment of boat line at both ends for easy carrying of the boat.

2 drains with plug at the flat section of the stern deck facilitate complete draining of the boat.

Unique GRABNER-quality is the guarantor for absolute satisfaction, safety, and product long life. The boat skin, covered (by a 5 year guarantee) has proved itself positively, with boats in use worldwide. That goes for rafting boats too, which are exposed to most extreme wear.

Highest operating air pressure of 0.3 bar provides the best of stiffness and torque resistance. Such rigidity means less energy when paddling.

The colour combination of black/red has been well thought of. The black underside is less conspicuous to the flora, whereas the topside red as a safety colour can be seen better in poor visibility.

Original accessories:

  • Backrest for utmost comfort
  • steering assembly
  • 2- seater spray cover
  • uggage spider
  • water tight bow- and stern bag
  • Torqeedo stern drive motor + bracket
  • outrigger for fuel-outboard engine
  • boat trolley
  • comprehensive standard accessories

(x) accessories - not standard supplied