The accessory sets contain those items, which make up the most popular purchases.

Please note, that accessory sets offer considerable savings in comparison to individually purchased parts.

Steering device - enhances course holdingand rapid change of direction.

Spraycover - to protect against spray, rain and cold

Boat trolley - for easy movement ashore

Insert-floor - stiffens the boat, recommended for a sailing-rig application)

Newcomers, older canoeists and those with little experience find it difficult sometimes, to keep a straight course (with a boat that has no steering).

SAFETY FLOATS provide the feeling that boating can be enjoyed without fear. The slim, and on both end narrowing points of the floats produce very little resistance when paddling.

Electric outboard motors are absolutely silent, produce no exhaust gases and cause no un-necessary waves.

  • Torqeedo Ultrallight sternmotor - for long, fatigueproof trips

Outriggers stabilise, enhance safety against capsize, and are essential for fixing an outboard engine bracket.

accessories - not standard supplied