kayak seat
stainless steel stern bracket plate

General info - HOLIDAY 2

The bottom is inured to grounding, and thanks to little draught it is able to operate in shallow waters.

The high freeboard aspect renders the boat stable and wards off spray.

Bow is reinforced by strong plastic rail.

There is luggage stowage below decks at the bow and stern.

The narrow inflated corrugate bottom tubes are comfortable to sit and to lie back on. They ensure a low centre of gravity position to safeguard against capsize.

The kayak seats grant high seating comfort. With soft cushioned and broadened rear section, stiffening profiles, infinite adjustable straps.

The 6 (8) backrest mounting positions may be used to suit for 1- or 2-seater (3-seater) application.

The stainless steel bracket plate allowas to fix the steering or the Torqeedo stern motor easy and precise.

footrest bracket, steering pedals (x)
steering device (x)

Bow and stern handles of the HOLIDAY deluxe models allow easy carrying of the boat over land, and convenient launching.

Along the deck running bow to stern safety- and carrying lines enable easy carrying over rough terrain, and provide a practical line to grab, in the event of capsize.

There are adjustable footrest-bracket positions for the occupants of the boat. The foot-pedal steering mechanism slips on to the bracket.

When pedal steering is provided, the stern-mount rudder blade can be lowered and raised to suit. It may even be tilted to a level above the water.

(x) accessories - not standard supplied