The accessory sets contain those items, which make up the most popular purchases.

Please note, that accessory sets offer considerable savings in comparison to individually purchased parts.

The pusch-in backrest helps to prevent fatigue and back-ache. That renders day excursions afloat or week long expeditions matters of most comfortable travelling experiences. The rear side of the back support accommodates a pouch handy to have utensils within easy reach.

Storage net below decks in front of the seats, forward and midships, serve to hold charts, camera and other bits and pieces ready for use. 4 fastening fittings come with the boat as standard.

Elasticated netting, bow/stern net on deck, above the bow and stern of the boat secures paddles, packbags, tent and so on.

Bow and stern dry-bags have watertight welded seams, a semi-watertight zip and offer 60 l of stowage. They are firmly affixed to the boat by means of adjustable webbing straps. Conveniently placed handles on the sides allow them to be used as carrier bags for shopping or airtravel.

Steering device - enhances course holdingand rapid change of direction.

Spraycover - to protect against spray, rain and cold

Boat trolley - for easy movement ashore

Newcomers, older canoeists and those with little experience find it difficult sometimes, to keep a straight course (with a boat that has no steering).

SAFETY FLOATS provide the feeling that boating can be enjoyed without fear. The slim, and on both end narrowing points of the floats produce very little resistance when paddling.

Trimaran sails - for sailing fun

Electric outboard motors are absolutely silent, produce no exhaust gases and cause no un-necessary waves.

  • Torqeedo Ultralight sternmotor - for long, fatigueproof trips

Outrigger – for stabilisation, essential for attachment of fuel driven outboard engine.

accessories - not standard supplied